Buy The Best Hydraulic Jack For Pile Load Test

Buy The Best Hydraulic Jack For Pile Load Test

Pile load testing is essential for works that include piling and should be adequately planned and projected at an early stage to validate the safety factors, pile designs, etc.  

How do Hydraulic Jacks work?

Hydraulic jack works by applying Pascal’s principle. They use this principle to lift heavy loads. Pump plungers are used to move oil through two cylinders. The plunger is drawn back, leading to a suction valve ball opening that draws oil into the chamber. The valve shuts, which results in the pressure building. 

Hydraulic jacks can lift heavy loads, but they require maintenance to preclude the development of components that might endanger operators, such as problems with the cylinders that affect the lifting force.

Static Pile Load Testing 

Static pile load testing is a prevalent method for testing the actual capacity of a pile. 

The procedure is based on the pile head’s measurement directly in response to the applied physics load. The hydraulic jack loads the test pile by applying the test load after pushing the pile against a beam directly placed over the test pile. The test beam is restrained by the help of an Anchorage system consisting of reaction files installed in the ground to provide for tension resistance. 

Once the Lotus frame is completely installed as an instrument, the hydraulic jack will apply the test load in a series of increments with the help of the testing requirements noted according to the project specifications. Each load is then held for a particular amount of time until the pile failure, or the design load is reached, whichever one of them comes first. The movement of the pile is recorded with each load. Files can be tested for tension, compression as well as lateral loads. When the actual capacity and deflection values are provided, the test results confirm that the file design load is adequately supported. The results can also save the project cost by increasing the pile design load and reducing the overall filling or quantification of capacity depending on the test files performance.

Hydraulic Jack for Pile Load Test system is designed to buy lots up to 2000 tonnes, and the load can be applied in various stages and displayed correctly in real-time. The whole process is done automatically by selecting one of the preset tonnages and pressing the autorun button. By doing so, the hydraulic jack raises to the fullest when the preset load is reached. The system will stop on its own, and the pressure will be held for the decided period. While the process continues, the power station will also start for pressure compensation. The hydraulic jack system is equipped with a pressure and load sensor that can display the real-time load and pressure accurately. To repeat the whole process, you can select a new tonnage of the next stage and change the holding time. You can buy the best hydraulic jacks from the manufacturer by visiting their official website. You can also opt for the best discounts to ensure that you don’t end up hurting your pockets much.


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