Bidet Types – What’s Best For Your Bathroom?

Bidet Types - What’s Best For Your Bathroom?

Starting in Europe, this trend has recently spread around the rest of the Western countries. Bidets are more hygienic than the traditional toilet paper we use in our bathrooms. Most people have not heard of bidets, also known as Japanese toilets or washlets.

A common misunderstanding is thinking it’s a completely new bathroom set or place to clean your feet.

Every house owner deserves the best bidet toilet, because toilet paper is not particularly effective in maintaining a high level of cleanliness; you won’t get a genuinely clean feeling from using it. At times, it may even irritate your skin.

It can be problematic for people who struggle with hemorrhoids, are going through postpartum, have undergone surgery, and have other types of skin infections. Bidet users say it is more hygienic and refreshing than wiping down with toilet paper.

The best types of bidets for your bathroom are discussed here, so read on!

Different Types of Bidets

You’ve finally made up your mind to buy a toilet for your house. Now, take some time and educate yourself on the different types of bidets that are currently on the market before deciding.

Bidets have undergone many improvements and design changes since their invention in the 18th century. Explore the main categories of bidets:

Stand-Alone or Ceramic Bidets

The first kind of toilet is the classic model, which you will most likely come across on a trip to Europe or Asia. A “stand-alone” bidet is one that is not attached to the wall or the floor but rather is placed next to the toilet bowl in a bathroom.

This bidet can be placed on the ground like a standard toilet or attached to the wall like a urinal. Nowadays, bidets made of ceramic or those that stand on their own can have modern touches like the ability to choose between heated and cold water.

Ceramic bidets are less expensive, but they still have drawbacks. Ceramic bidets are less expensive, but they still have drawbacks. The big drawback is that they take up more space and are unsuitable for modern bathrooms.

Ceramic bidets can be a classy feature if you have a large bathroom.

Sprays or Handheld Portable Bidets

The handheld portable bidet or sprayer is a great alternative to permanent installations. And unfortunately, it’s not portable like a travel backpack bidet. It’s a hose with a sprayer at the end attached to the piping in the bathroom sink.

Most people will find this spray most user-friendly because it provides control over water distribution. The water flow can be adjustable. They’re affordable, simple, and easy to set up independently.

These bidet sprays can be a good choice for people with injuries or other health problems that make them uncomfortable moving around. It’s also ideal for older people because it gives them more ease in the bathroom.

Modern Built-in Bidet Toilet Seats

Instead of choosing each one separately, wouldn’t you choose a toilet seat that comes with a bidet? Combo toilets are commodes with built-in bidets. It’s a toilet bowl with angled spray jets for self-cleaning purposes.

These modern bidets have many features that may not be found in older models. Temperature-heated seats and pressure controls are their main features. Built-in bidets cost more due to their many advantages. These models demand electricity, which might not be affordable for some buyers.

Bidet Attachments

You can probably find a toilet with a bidet attachment in any middle- or upper-class American home. This bidet style is designed to fit underneath a standard toilet seat. They are similar to conventional bidets because they are inexpensive, stylish, and beneficial to health and the environment.

There are more affordable alternatives to the bidet toilet seat, but they usually don’t have features like temperature control and other amenities. However, the market is full of the latest design options for homeowners to choose from.

And if you just want the simple and basic features.

Summing Up

Before purchasing a toilet, most of us are unaware of the wide range of models. It depends upon your desired features, your bathroom’s size, and your money. Stand-alone bidets are best for classic homes with simple features.

Portable bidets can make bathrooms more hygienic, especially when during large gatherings. Built-in or electric bidets offer the greatest features. But most Western homebuyers choose a bidet device or sprayer that fits under the toilet seat. This is highly affordable and effective.


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