The Best Moving Checklist For Realtors & Home Buyers

The Best Moving Checklist For Realtors & Home Buyers

Whether it is the first house you’ve bought, or your next one, let me congratulate you before going further with this article’s topic. Not only that you are opening a new chapter in your life, but you have also reserved an important investment in your life.

Moving out of home into a new place is a crucial moment in your life. But it does not have to be too daunting so that you are stressed out.

You might be nervous, or don’t know where to start. I won’t lie to you. It is even daunting for a professional realtor. That’s why these tips can be very beneficial for both Franklin Realtors and home buyers. Without further ado, let’s just cover all of the tips below.

Here are three phases that you will need to go through when moving:

Before moving in

You will want to clean all of the rooms at your house before bringing any furniture and belongings there. The clean and clear area will ease you in arranging the furniture and organize your belongings.

And then, you could reserve useful contact from the contractors and services for your home such as a plumber, HVAC professionals, roof repairs, and so on.

Tweak the exterior and interior of your house before moving in. Here is where you will need to make a plan and assemble all of the contacts that you need to reach to make your moving activity smoother and successful. Organize all of the paperwork including the address changes with the banks, tax office, subscriptions, services, family members, relatives, friends, and so on.

Moving in

Install electric appliances and fixtures. Try to do it from the top priority to the least priority. You will need light for the first time. So, make sure you double-check the installation of the energy-saving bulb.

In terms of security, make sure all of the security systems work well. Depending on the type of security that you install at your home, you will want to check on your security locks and plans. Some houses also have fire escape plans. You will want to check it out.

If safety aspects have been covered, then you can start organizing your house.

As mentioned, you will want to start with the most important and priority first. The bedroom and bathroom will be the first thing you need to prepare.

Arrange your furniture and organize your items in an order. If you don’t have much time to spare, you could spread the schedule in weeks or so.

Unpack all of the essentials and items to organize your house.

Spare your time to say hello to your neighbors. Who knows, you can make a new friend on the first day after moving.

After moving

You are all set. But you might need to shop for daily essentials such as toothpaste, soap, tissues, and so on. Remove the wastes from the package or boxes. But if you want to store them for future uses, make it tidy.

Decorate your home and invite your guests over.

The Plans Timing

Your moving agenda should be started two months in advance of your move. It is the most ideal timing to prepare all of the things before actually moving in.

Eight weeks in advance

In this timeframe, you will want to take care of some important things as follows:

  • Tell the relevant bodies and institutions about your moving: your doctor, pharmacy, university, banking, specific subscription services, and others.
  • Check and recheck the flooring layout and dimensions: you will want to measure the size of the room to make sure that all of your belongings can go there.
  • Repairs and inspection: if your new house needs some tweaks and repairs, it is the perfect time to consider it.
  • Budget arrangements: after all, the budget is a determining factor for your moving. You will want to arrange the budget. The budget of moving factors can revolve around the distances, the amount of stuff loaded, how many times to transport, and so on.

30 days in advance

Here are what you need to do a month before moving:

  • Make a list of your stuff: consider making the list to bring your stuff. You can also take photos of them to help you list them all.
  • Dispose of useless stuff: you will want to declutter your new room. There might be some stuff that you don’t need to keep anymore. You could also donate some items to foster houses or other causes.
  • Find your moving company: obviously, it is an important thing to do. Browse the options out there and pick one which is suitable for your budget and preferences. Schedule your move with them.
  • Start packing and bring all of the paperwork.

Fortnight in advance

In two weeks in advance, you will continue to pack and label your stuff. Make sure to categorize the similar and relevant items in the same box and label the box clearly. You will want to keep organized when unboxing them.

If you have a lot of trash at home, reach out to the cleaning services in your town.

Last but not least, set up the area for moving trucks to the park. Make sure to position it near the door or entryway so that you can easily move your boxes to the moving truck.

The week of moving

In a few days before moving, you will want to double-check all of the lists. If you are moving with your pets, you can leave your pets with a local pet shop or trustworthy relatives or acquaintances.

And then, you will need to confirm everything from your moving company to all of the concerned parties. Doing a double check is a great idea to give you peace of mind.

The Moving Day

It is the time to reach out to your moving professionals to confirm their availability and make sure that they will come as agreed before. Moving is not a standalone rodeo.

You will need to supervise the move. And sometimes, you need to split the tasks with your family members since there’s a possibility that the moving is done in batches. So, you will want to have eyes on both your current spot (old house) and the other spot (new house). arrange this activity with your family members or close friends.

Don’t add the valuables to moving trucks. Instead, keep all of them with you. The valuables that I mentioned can be your laptop, passports, jewelry, rare edition of Thanos glove, and so on.

The process can be long but it is worth your time and effort. After all, you will be living there for a long time in the future.


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