Bathroom Remodeling – Trends and Essential Factors to Consider Before Starting

Bathroom Remodeling - Trends and Essential Factors to Consider Before Starting

A home renovation project may sound appealing on many levels, but it also involves ample work! Not every homeowner wants to remodel or renovate their complete home and decor all at once. Some want to remodel the house part by part. And if like many, you’ve decided to start with your bathroom remodeling, then you’ve chosen to tackle one of the most common home reno projects for most people. Bathroom remodeling looks exciting and impressive on paper. In reality, it involves careful planning and smart decision making.

It is always better to decide Which bathroom features that you want to upgrade the most. Recently, most people want to improve their shower area according to a Houzz Bathroom Trends Study done in 2017. Different homeowners have different preferences when it comes to bathroom renovation as it helps them to manage their priorities and their expenditure.

Some of the popular trends to take note of are:

  • People are keen to update their bathroom countertops, wall finishes, and faucets.
  • In comparison to the earlier times, today homeowners are more interested in partial renovations rather than a full remodeling. However, some homeowners also want a complete restoration, and they start from scratch. But the three aspects above are consistently something that most homeowners want to change.
  • Most homeowners are also trying to curb down their expenditures on the toilet. Close to 15% of the renovators thought that they saved immensely on toilets, and another 11% could save more on the lighting fixtures.
  • People love to indulge on vanities and showers. Amongst multiple homeowners, the typical things where they spent most on also included vanities and the cabinets.

Essential things to consider

Bathroom remodeling is a challenging task, and it can make people feel overwhelming from time to time. There are several factors that you have to consider before the project starts. From bathroom layout, tile design, choosing fixtures, and budgeting all needs careful consideration. The moment you decide on the sections you wish to renovate; you can deploy a contractor to get the job done. While the planning process might seem exciting, the construction task can be daunting and needs careful attention to detail. To ensure that you execute it correctly, here are a few bathroom remodeling success tips.

1. Always have an estimated budget

You shouldn’t proceed with a bathroom renovation if you don’t know the budget. It is essential to know the amount you can spend so that you can complete the entire bathroom remodeling project. It is always better to keep a reserve fund of a few thousand extra than the estimated budget. You might still want to spend a little extra and get a fancy lighting fixture. Also, sometimes, the cost of plumbing and cabinet selected might increase because of the high-end material that you may want to upgrade from the original plan.

2. Follow some design inspiration

Do you know the bathroom renovation look you want? If yes, it is great to search for inspiration and come up with the best remodeling designs and looks. You can look at some of the best bathroom decor trends for the year and make your selection. There’s something for every budget, so you don’t need to worry about it. For instance, you can often find s showcase of Nordic bathroom decor themes within a pocket-friendly budget as well.

3. You need to plan for special projects

You need to decide on the purpose of the new bathroom renovation. Do you want to add a new feature? Or do you wish to renovate the existing setup? Either way, you need to plan ahead. For instance, when you want to opt-in for a steam shower faucet, a distinctive bathroom sink, mosaic bathroom tiles, and the like, you need to plan so that you can get the layout and other necessary detailing correct.

4. Select the best surfaces

Choosing bath materials is an essential step! It is necessary to ensure that the selections syncs correctly with the entire bathroom style. For this, you might have to research the products that you are selecting. For example, when you opt-in for porcelain, you know that you can say yes to a maintenance-free product. While making your selection, you should also get informed about any product limitations as well. As an example, if you decide to select materials that a local artisan makes, you may have to have to consider a lead-time between six and eight weeks. However, it’s important to take ample time to select all the proper materials before the project get started.

5. When it comes to the hardware, pay attention to the smallest details

The hardware you select and the faucets you choose have an essential role to play in a bathroom renovation. It dictates the way your bathroom renovation looks. Something as simple as the bathroom finish can have a huge impact on the way your bathroom remodeling looks. Hence, before you make the final selection, ensure that you consider and assess the multiple fixture polishes and finishes that are available.

Selecting the design professional

A bathroom renovation needs an experienced installer to create and excellent outcome. Hence, you should definitely hire an expert design professional and installation contractor to get the best results. It is essential to check the kind of work they have done so far. You should do some extensive research before deciding on the design professional and the constructor. Make sure to check their previous work and then choose accordingly.

Once you have selected a service provider for your bathroom renovation, get an accurate fix on your renovation budget options with them. Make sure that you settle on any advance payments that you need to in order for the work to commence and be finished in the quickest time frame. Also, ensure that the service provider and design professional get your vision correctly.


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