Australian Real Estate Essentials – Benefits of Custom Home Rebuilding on Your Own Land

Australian Real Estate Essentials - Benefits of Custom Home Rebuilding on Your Own Land

You don’t need to sell your home to experience something new, you can hold onto your property in the suburb you covet and enjoy a new lifestyle simply by rebuilding on your existing property. Building on your land is one of the most rewarding challenges that you can embark on, and it’s worth exploring for any residents who are looking to increase the value of their home and bring to life the home of their dreams. Discuss a knock down custom rebuild with a specialist and understand the process so that you can determine whether that is the plan for you.

Keep your valuable land

Australian real estate has seen exponential growth in the market of knock down rebuilds. In many cases this is simply because homeowners are not ready to let go of the incredible location they live in. It also makes sense if you had secured a not-so-great home early on due to the potential of the land and suburb. For those playing the long game, or even new homeowners, a knock down custom rebuild may have your property value soaring as quickly as your land value depending on its location. You may actually be in a greater position than those buying a new home right out of the market, as they don’t necessarily have prior knowledge on the surrounding area and won’t be able to custom build and design accordingly.


Affordability is the name of the game for any decisions pertaining to home improvement or construction. You need to plan and budget for the construction work and materials, and keep a little on the side for those unpredictable needs or additions. Most people that want to create their dream home, will hit the market looking for the appropriate location, buy a property and move right into the expense of building from the ground up. The benefit of building on your own land is that you do not need to be burdened with the cost outlay for a new property purchase. It also means you can start the project whenever you like, at a time that makes financial sense to you and your circumstance. There is also the fact of where you will live during the building process, as many residents choose to stagger the process so that they can remain living in their home during the build.

Design the home you want

We probably all have an idea of the home we would love to build and inhabit. The house of your dreams is something that might be achievable on the very spot that you currently live and call home. By moving forward with a knock down rebuild on your existing lot, a reputable provider, can work with architects, designers and building managers to come together and create a custom home plan that that can be built on your existing property.

Future Resale

Securing and holding on to a great lot is one thing but building a new custom home upon it an incredible opportunity to resell it in the future. That may be a long way down the road for you and your family, but it is a strong benefit in favor of building on your own land. A modern home on the market will stand out against other existing older homes in the suburb that may have been built at the same time or in the same style.


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