Analyzing The Cost Of Hiring A Maid Service

Analyzing The Cost Of Hiring A Maid Service

Cleaning your entire house is not a joke. It can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll. You can be happy about one thing – you didn’t spend anything on it. However, compare this feeling with what your body and mind went through when you were working on your home’s hygiene and cleanliness. If you are busy, the guilt of not doing enough for your home can make you feel sick. It’s better to be practical than emotional about these matters. Most homeowners avoid hiring professional maid services due to affordability issues. But does it cost you so much? Let’s get a reality check.

Different types of maid services

Live-in maids can be the most expensive to hire. They may cost around $25-50K USD a year on average. They are like your employees who babysit, cook, clean and run errands for you. Many people may need to be more comfortable with having someone from outside stay at their place. Forget about the cost. Another arrangement can be full-time maids, who stay at your house for fixed hours and do everything like the live-in maids. You may pay around $1500 to $3000 per month for them. Again, the maintenance cost associated with them is the same as the live-in ones. Think of compensating them for injuries, for instance.

The more realistic and favorable scenarios can be independent cleaners or cleaning agencies. Self-employed maids can charge about USD$20-40 per hour on average. The cleaning company’s rates can vary between USD$ 30-60 or more. Some people may feel tempted to choose independent contractors for cheaper rates, while others may want to hire one through a good company, such as Patriot Maids Cleaning Services. There is a logic behind this. Why will they pay more when they can enjoy the services at a lower rate?

Why a cleaning agency?

One of the fundamental reasons is the security of your home and all the items. Home cleaning agencies are particular about who they select. The employees usually have to pass a background test. Due to this, you can find them reliable. Whether or not you are at home, they can come to your place per the schedule and finish their work on time. You can call them for regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or so. You can also expect a premium cleaning experience and customer service compared to independent contractors. The professionals bring their cleaning supplies. So, you get rid of figuring out those little details. You can make your choice safe by selecting an agency with good ratings and reviews.

You must be more careful about maintaining cleanliness if you have kids or aged people at home. So, keep your house from sitting in clutter, dirt, and dust. It only spreads negativity. More dirty and dusty, more risks for allergies and infections. Even someone sociable like you wants to keep the home spick-and-span to avoid embarrassment. Since you have sensible alternatives also, the decision can be easy. You can retain your mental peace and your home’s aesthetic beauty for a few extra dollars. Just talk to an agency that can solve your problem and get the work done as per your needs.


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