Amazing Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Amazing Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Like all the other industries, even the real estate industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation in recent years. The credits for this go to disruptive technologies.

Whether it is applying for different financing options through internet banking, researching listings, or conducting virtual home tours, every real estate procedure stage has gone through rapid innovation in recent years.

Therefore, this rapidly changing industry needs the most innovative digital marketing plans to succeed.

So, let’s dive straight into the real estate marketing strategies agents can adopt for propelling their business forward and for future-proofing the same:

1. Use the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing in real estate is all about content, technology, and collaborations. If you already have a real estate site where you share good quality content, the only thing you can do is collaborate with influencers.

This will help you build an excellent social media campaign that will further extend the online reach of your real estate business. For instance, if you have plans to attract first-time buyers, you can easily collaborate with the influencers that your target buyers are following. Just ask the influencers to share your vlog posts.

2. Create a Professional Real Estate Site

One of the most important elements of a real estate marketing plan is having a professional site because 43% of home buyers start their buying process by searching online. Through your site, you will be able to reap the greatest advantages in the form of generating leads, building awareness, improving credibility, and having complete control over the information you are sharing.

Of course, it will take time, money, and effort to set up a professional site, but this will help you earn huge dividends in the long run. You can save some money and effort by going through real estate website design inspirations.

Calculating dividends is a good exercise for any business, including real estate. No matter if you use this simple dividend calculator or another one online, make sure you factor in all of the costs and potential return on investment. That way, you can see if setting up a professional site is worth it for your real estate business.

3. Make Good Quality Real Estate Videos

The video marketing trend has completely re-defined real estate marketing in 2022. Agents looking to stay ahead of their competitors need to develop strong video content marketing strategies.

This is important because videos are highly efficient at enhancing different stages of the real estate buying procedure. Property buyers are not attracted to listed properties, written content, and images. These are things of the past.

Nowadays, listings including videos get more inquiries than those that do not include visuals. It is crucial to make listing videos professionally to entice prospective buyers simply by showcasing a property’s impressive attributes.

You can use a real estate video maker to create videos to connect with prospective clients and build your brand. A good quality video maker can also help you make educational videos that offer value to the target audience and help them gain trust in your brand.

4. Make Virtual Tours of Property Listings

As has already been said, listings offering virtual tours of properties get more views than the listings that do not include these tours. Not to mention how instantly virtual reality has taken over our lives, specifically due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Making virtual tours of properties is not difficult, and this also goes for the individuals who do not tend to be tech-savvy. You can use different online video-making tools to create professional-grade and stunning virtual tours without putting a lot of money into the project.

To conclude, in this completely digitalized world, property listings that include mere text descriptions and images will not suffice.

5. Create Top Quality, Interesting, and Unique Content

Nowadays, people are bombarded with clever taglines and advertisements all the time. Therefore, their tolerance levels have lowered. In other words, their attention spans have become short.

More than ever, people crave interesting and useful content in these present times. Of course, content marketing can help real estate agents build trust and turn engagement into profits, but only if their content is unique and interesting.

Sharing informative and valuable content will position you as an authoritative figure while eliminating the fear that people might have in working with you. So, you must create content like podcasts, infographics, blog posts, e-books, and webinars to share your expertise.

You even have the option of hiring the services of a content marketing team that can create good quality content consistently. This will help you in building your reputation instantly.

6. What about Blogging?

Of course, the visual mediums are ruling the industry of real estate marketing, but that does not mean that written content has completely taken a backseat. Textual content remains right at the core of the digital marketing strategies of companies.

Publishing a real estate blog is a cost and time-effective way of creating evergreen content that will boost your reputation and bring in leads, conversions, and sales.

Real estate blogging is not easy. There are several important factors real estate agents should consider when blogging for the first time. First, they must use the most relevant keywords to rank highly on search engines.

Next, it is important to develop valuable and exclusive content that addresses customers’ queries. Though there is no rule of thumb as to the length of a blog, a minimum of 1000 words will work magic.

7. Use PPC Advertising

PPC or Price Per Click is a good way of drawing traffic to a real estate website for marketing a home, a condominium, or any other type of property. Nevertheless, this form of marketing is not affordable.

The real estate agent needs to pay visitors to visit their website. Since PPC advertising is expensive, it can be a complete waste of money if you cannot track it the right way.

8. Participate on Social Media Platforms Actively

Business accounts on the different social media marketing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn serve as excellent channels for highlighting beautiful properties and promoting the same.

You can use Twitter to keep the clients updated about local events, see what people are raving about on Facebook, and engage with active property buyers and sellers on Instagram.


You need to have a solid and result-oriented marketing strategy to succeed in the real estate industry. The tips above will help you draw more leads and even help you establish a credible reputation in the market.


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