6 Reasons Why People Prefer RTA Plywood Cabinets In Kitchens

6 Reasons Why People Prefer RTA Plywood Cabinets For Their Kitchen

It is very important for us to have a beautiful kitchen because this is the room where we often spend more time cooking, eating, or maybe even working. It is important to us to renovate it in the most orderly and beautiful way. 

But renovating is not an easy task, and one of the most important parts of it is knowing the color or style of the future cabinet. Not only that, one of the things we often consider is our budget, whether the dedicated money can afford the beautiful cabinets for the kitchen. Because of those things, RTA cabinets are more popular today and continue to be enjoyed by many.

Today, this article will teach you six reasons people prefer having RTA plywood cabinets in their kitchen.

What is an RTA Cabinet? 

RTA cabinet is an abbreviation for ready-to-assemble cabinet. This type of plywood cabinet is considered by many to be the ideal cabinet for a kitchen renovation because it offers a lot of things. Essential advantages of the RTA plywood cabinets include quality materials, a variety of styles and color options, cost-effectiveness, ample storage space, and of course, ease of installation. These are a few of the reasons why individuals prefer to purchase it so that they can appreciate it more.

1. RTA Cabinets Are Made of High-Quality Materials

The materials used to construct RTA cabinets vastly differ from those used in pre-assembled cabinets. Fiberboard or particleboard is commonly used in pre-assembled cabinets. Plywood is utilized in high-quality RTA plywood cabinets because it is more resilient, sturdy, and durable. Compared to ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets, the cost of pre-assembled cabinets made of plywood and other sturdy materials can be three to four times higher.

Planning is the first step in any kitchen renovation. Setting and sticking to a budget is essential before making any final purchases. You should also consider the theme you want your kitchen to have and the appliances and cabinets that complement that theme. The kitchen design you plan can help you determine what features your new RTA cabinets need.

2. RTA Cabinets Are Cost-Effective

Ready-to-assemble cabinets can save you money in the kitchen. The price of new cabinets for your kitchen will likely be among the most expensive parts of your renovation project. The common belief that you get what you pay for is usually justified. But we can put together a good kitchen for much less money with RTA kitchen cabinets than with most other options.

RTA cabinets and other ready-to-assemble products are more cost-effective than fully assembled kitchen cabinets.

Why should people choose RTA kitchen cabinets? The reason is obvious: money. Compared to expensive custom-made kitchen cabinets, the price of ready-to-assemble models is much more reasonable.

3. RTA Kitchen Cabinet Doors Have More Storage Than Others

According to a survey published on HuffPost’s website, RTA kitchen cabinets are homeowners’ favorite. Why? If you have a big family or a lot of dishes, you’ll appreciate the additional storage space that usually comes with RTA kitchen cabinets. In addition, you can customize the layout of the shelves in your cabinets to better suit your needs.

4. RTA Cabinets Are Quickly Shipped and Delivered

There is less of a wait for RTA kitchen cabinets because they come in standard sizes. Some custom cabinet makers will take at least five to six weeks to make your cabinets. However, with RTA, the waiting period is cut down to a matter of weeks.

With more time, you can be more flexible when planning the installations for your new kitchen. Having a bit of extra time on your hands can help you relax during the renovation process and ensure that it will be finished quickly and with just a few delays.

5. RTA Cabinets Are Easy to Install

In addition to being more affordable, RTA cabinets are also easier to install. The term “ready-to-assemble” means it does not require hard or complicated assembly.

You can expect an easy process regardless of how you assemble or install it. Each cabinet includes simple instructions for assembly, from pulling the pieces out of the box to finishing the installation. All you need is a drill, rubber mallet, and wood glue. Having all the necessary tools before you begin will ensure you build a secure, strong cabinet.

If you are a visual learner, you can find many online videos that teach how to set it up properly. You can use platforms such as Youtube to search for tutorials on properly installing RTA plywood cabinets.

6. Cabinets Offer Greater Customization Options

The fact that RTA kitchen cabinets can be customized in various ways is frequently cited as one of the many reasons customers are satisfied with these cabinets. Dovetail drawers, a variety of molding, and all-wood construction are some of the features that make it possible for a greater number of mix-and-match options to be available. This results in a final product that is more customizable. 

When you remodel your kitchen, you want the finished product to look exactly like you imagined. When it comes to customizing something, having a greater number of options at reach is preferable.

Final Thoughts

Given the importance of the cabinet in our kitchen, it is only natural that the cabinet we seek is financially worthwhile. The existence of ready-to-assemble plywood cabinets on the market has greatly assisted many. It turns out that this cabinet can offer many advantages to those who desire a beautiful kitchen, making the consumer a winner. 

People have grown more fond of this RTA cabinet due to its quality, spaciousness, cost-effectiveness, speedy shipment, simple installation, numerous design options, and other advantages.

Now that you know the significant benefits it provides to the buyer, it is up to you to decide whether this is the type of cabinet you seek.


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