6 Easy Tips To Make Moving To A New Place Stress-Free

6 Easy Tips To Make Moving To A New Place Stress-Free

People move for a range of reasons. It could be in search of jobs or to improve the lifestyle. Or to get a break from skyrocketing housing costs of their current location, as is the case with residents of Colorado Springs.

According to RentCafe, the housing costs in Colorado Springs, CO, are 10% higher than the national average. In comparison, the overall cost of living is 5% higher than the national average. Resultantly, many people are moving from Colorado Springs to other places, even countries.

With that said, regardless of the reason motivating you to move from your current location, stress is an inevitable part of the moving process.

Though you cannot eliminate the stress, you can lessen it significantly. Below we mention ways to make moving stress-free.

1. Pick a mover company early on

Moving becomes stress-free if you work with an experienced moving company. Besides, it is impossible to transport your belongings alone if you are moving long distances, say across the state or country. In comparison, professional mover companies know the ins and outs of a long-distance move. They can design a customized plan to fit your moving needs. 

Long-distance moving companies must always be contacted at least a month or two before the moving day. It is especially true if you are moving out from a city like Colorado Springs, where skyrocketing housing prices, traffic congestion, etc., prompt people to move and settle in calmer places. So, the experienced and reliable long distance movers in Colorado Springs are expected to be busier owing to their quality service and highly professional staff. Therefore, contact them earlier to avoid working with a less professional team. 

Contact at least four mover companies. It gives you ample time to choose the best among the shortlisted companies. It is because moving company scams are widespread, and it takes careful research to find a reliable company. 

On the part of the mover company, hiring them early on gives them time for route planning, packing, and taking care of other aspects of moving to make the process hassle-free and smooth. 

2. Make a moving budget

One of the ways to avoid moving-related stress is to make a budget. It prevents you from getting shocked by the cost of your move. So, start planning your finances as soon as you decide to move.

Consider all aspects of moving and allocate a budget for each activity. Knowing what you have and what you need to spend to complete your moving project successfully helps you stay within your budget.

Planning your finances well in advance of your move also assists you in determining whether to take out loans or seek assistance.

While planning your moving budget, consider the funds you will require for expenses once you arrive at your new place. You will need money for the furnishings, renovations, or other essential stuff.

3. Make a timeline

Your timeline should start from the day you learn about your move and end on the day you will physically depart from your current location.

Enlist all the activities you must take and assign a specific date when a particular task must be completed. Creating a timeline and following it diligently ensures you stay on schedule and avoid overlooking critical tasks.

4. Purge your house

Packing your stuff is an important stage of the entire moving project. But remember that you cannot take everything to your new house. So purging your house before packing the essentials saves you time on packing and unpacking the unwanted stuff and can significantly reduce moving expenses.

The rule is simple, the more things you ship through a mover company, the bigger the truck required and the longer it takes to transport your belongings. Ultimately, it results in higher moving costs. Therefore, be wise while selecting what to bring to your new place.

Declutter your house and make piles of the stuff you won’t use in the new place. Get rid of kitchen utensils you don’t anticipate using, along with broken or malfunctioning electronics, extra furniture, and old clothes.

The easiest way to eliminate unwanted stuff is to donate, throw it away, or sell it in a yard sale. This way, you can accomplish multiple objectives โ€”helping others by donating things, making money by selling extra stuff, and reducing the moving cost.

5. Order the packing material in advance

If you are moving your belongings over a long distance, they will stay in transit for a few days. And while on the move, they will experience all kinds of jiggling and movement. Therefore, pack them in sturdy boxes so they can survive the move. 

While decluttering your house, order essential packing material. Good quality packing material ensures proper packing and safety of your belongings.

Make sure you have an ample store of special boxes, bubble wraps, taps, etc. Instead of buying new, you can purchase used boxes and wraps at grocery stores. You might even get them free of cost.

Additionally, services like U-Haul Customer Connect and websites like Nextdoor connect you to people selling their used packing materials. Buying packing material this way can help you some bucks on your moving costs. Remember, every small step counts.

6. Make sure you prepare an open-first box

Every step of a moving project is hectic, but nothing compares to the exhaustion you feel when you finally reach the new destination. After a long journey, all you may want is to rest and have everything magically sorted, which unfortunately isn’t possible.

Remember that you will not unbox everything immediately after reaching the new house. And it takes a few days before everything finds its proper place. However, you still need essential things to survive until your new home becomes orderly.

To ensure you have everything you need, prepare an open-first box to avoid rummaging through multiple boxes to find things of personal use. This box should contain everything you will need during the initial days of reaching the new house.

Some essential items in the box are kitchenware (pots and pans), bedding, towels, etc. You can make a separate suitcase which contains toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrush, clothes for everyday use, and so on.


Moving can be made stress-free by carefully planning and executing the whole project. Having a dedicated moving budget and working with a reliable and professional moving company also helps. Additionally, ensure you design a moving timeline and follow it responsibly to avoid scrambling to complete important tasks at the last minute.


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