5 Signs You Need to Consult a Heating Service Before Winter

5 Signs You Need to Consult a Heating Service Before Winter

Are you wondering if you need to consult a heating service? If so, it’s important to know what signs to watch for before the outdoor temperatures plummet. After all, there’s nothing worse than heading into the cold winter season without reliable heating for your home.

Keep reading to learn 5 signs that you should be consulting a heating service before winter!

1. You Hear the Furnace Click On and Off Frequently

If you’re sitting in your living room and hear the furnace shut off after only a short period of time, that’s a signal that it’s time to get your furnace serviced. Frequent clicks from on to off are not normal and contribute to uneven heat distribution. So if you’re noticing that the heat won’t stay on for very long, call the heating technicians.

This issue could be linked to your thermostat, but it’s better to ask the experts before making an assumption. You shouldn’t have to constantly adjust your thermostat to regulate temperatures in your home. If you are, then your furnace may not be heating rooms evenly and efficiently.

2. Unusually High Utility Bills Could Indicate a Problem

utility bill that is higher than normal is another red flag. This issue occurs because your furnace has to use more power to heat your home to the desired temperature. If your furnace is aging or inefficient, it is more likely to have this problem.

And if you’re concerned that a higher utility bill automatically means you’ll need a new furnace, don’t be. Your furnace might just need some routine maintenance.

A technician can replace any parts that have deteriorated as well as clean the machinery. All of this should leave you with a more efficient furnace that keeps your utility bills reasonable.

3. Call the Heating Service if You’re Hearing Strange Noises 

Issues with your heating can show up in the sounds you hear, too. Loud clunking noises are a clear suggestion that something is wrong. And while you can expect to hear a hum when your furnace is working, if the noise sounds louder than normal β€” a suggestion that the machine is stressed β€” you should get your furnace checked out.

High-pitched noises, like squeals, can point to problematic parts in your furnace. But if you have to call the technician frequently to address bad parts, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace the entire furnace. And if you hear a very sudden noise, call your technician right away since it could mean gas is accumulating inside your furnace!

4. Air Quality Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

Does the air in your home smell musty or look hazier than usual? Noticing a change in air quality is an indicator that you may need a heating service consult.

Furnaces that are not functioning properly actually can do more harm than good. And if you have respiratory issues like asthma, you should address furnace issues immediately to prevent further health problems.

As an initial step, you can look at your furnace filters and replace them. Sometimes this solves the air quality problem, and it’s a good practice to replace your filters at least once a year. While you’re at it, do a physical evaluation of your filter and take note of anything that looks different or worn.

But sometimes changing the filters is not the solution to the problem. Something could be wrong with your furnace’s humidifier, which can lead to mold issues and general feelings of discomfort within your nose and throat. Don’t ignore the problem if you want to feel comfortable during the winter months!

5. Your Furnace Is Getting Old and Inefficient

As a homeowner, make sure you know how old your furnace is. If your furnace has been in your home for over two decades, it might be nearing the end of its life.

Furnaces lose efficiency as they age, and this becomes especially noticeable the older a furnace gets. At a certain point, it is better to replace your furnace with a new one if you’re paying for frequent repairs or seeing your bills reach new heights each month.

If you’re not sure how old your furnace is, look at the equipment to see if there is a pilot light. Furnaces that are older than ten years tend to use this ignition method. Newer electric furnaces do not have pilot lights.

If you have a newer furnace, make sure to get it maintained each year. Asking a heating service company to do a yearly check-up can help prolong the life of a furnace by up to a decade. And even though it might seem like you’re paying more for the servicing, you’ll save more money by not investing thousands of dollars in a new furnace.

And an expert opinion can help you know how urgently you need to upgrade to a new furnace. Whether it’s assessing the state of your furnace or air conditioner, experts in heating and AC services can give you the feedback you need to prepare for the coming season.

Get Ready for Winter

Being prepared for the winter season means stocking up on the right clothes and making sure your furnace is ready to go. Since the cold temperatures can arrive in a hurry, seek out heating services if you suspect anything is wrong. You’ll be happier on a chilly December day if you know you can depend on your furnace.

To keep your home in good shape, you need to be informed about the best tips and news. Check back with us for more articles on anything from home design to the latest luxury listings!


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