5 Reasons To Live In A Master Planned Community

5 Reasons To Live In A Master Planned Community

What’s your first thought when it comes to a master-planned community? Maybe it’s about a uniformly built or modeled cookie-cutter community. However, this image could be accurate in the past. But now, it’s different since there are anti-monotony codes designed to prohibit repetition.

Likewise, the contemporary master-planned communities of today are all but traditional. They consist of unique model homes with a lot of space and stylish layouts that provide an avenue for recreational and commercial amenities. These amenities can include swimming pools, coffee shops, and fitness centers that allow people to have activities that can be beneficial.

Another advantage of a master-planned community is that it fosters a genuine sense of community. This benefit can indeed be attractive to people, particularly if it’s the opposite of the isolation and confinement brought on by the pandemic.

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Without further ado, here are the reasons to live in a master-planned community.

1. Access To Amenities

Before, master-planned communities were built so that developers could offer country-club amenities and membership, and nothing more. But, as time goes by, residents just don’t want to become members of a country club. On the other hand, master-planned communities of today have their residents in mind.

Master-planned community developers are now aware of the types of amenities that are likable, and they provide them to the community’s respective homeowners. One of the benefits of living in a community with many amenities is that it reduces the worry concerning space when entertaining many people.

Furthermore, this allows people to form a sense of belonging and new connections because more people can see each other. To note, some examples of amenities that can exist in a master-planned community are:

  • Hiking trails
  • Sports courts
  • Dog parks
  • Coffee shops
  • Fitness centers
  • Playgrounds
  • Game rooms
  • Outdoor kitchens

With such an abundance of amenities that can be available, you can always find some activities to pass the time.

2. Good Investment

It can be challenging to gauge the stability and growth of property values, but some leaders in real estate think that master planning has good property values. This type of community can have a good house’s worth because there’s an inseparably included lifestyle, resort-style amenities, and mapped-out area improvements and maintenance.

Moreover, according to one of the leading authorities in real estate, Robert Charles Lesser & Co. (RCLCO), master planning is even considered by buyers as the best type of community to invest in, which led to its increased sales.

In addition, New Home Source also said that a master-planned community centrally adds balance to the value of a home when it’s for resale. When the economy is in good condition, your house in a master-planned neighborhood may have a better price at a faster and steadier rate than homes outside such a community.

On the opposite spectrum, when there’s economic instability, the community will keep the house’s value and prevent it from declining fast. Overall, having a house in this community allows for a worthwhile investment that won’t be wasted.

3. Provides Security

Knowing that a master-planned community provides significant security measures, there can be a sense of comfort in such a neighborhood.

Examples of security measures that can be put in place are 24-hour patrols that will monitor the whole area. In addition, gated entrances can reduce traffic which may affect the safety of children playing in the streets.

Also, the presence of a community watch can help secure the area. Likewise, such a place is safer because it’s somehow detached from industrial and commercial districts.

A master-planned community can also provide an emergency response team to help alert the community in cases of fire or crime. It could be a group of people who are ready to assist when things like fires and crime happen, which can help minimize further repercussions.

4. Provides Community

A ‘strong community’ might suggest images of 1950s suburbia, composed of packed town hall meetings and smiling milkmen. But when having a modern notion of community, we pretend that our next-door neighbor is non-existent. While these two opposite scenarios seem irrelevant now, a master-planned community is a place that can offer an avenue for communal living.

Since many individuals relocate to this neighborhood for one reason, you can be sure that you’ll meet people with similar interests. You can experience a built-in social life by mapping your time with friends and family more easily.

Another reason that a sense of community can be evident in this type of place is that many shared amenities spontaneously promote connections. Furthermore, whether it’s playing sports, drinking coffee together in a shop, or finding time to get fit in a gym, the number of activities that one might do can be endless.

5. Homes Can Be Customized

Homes in this kind of community are entirely customizable. The builders provide their buyers with a wide range of options for design, both for the external and internal parts of the home.

They can give you a chance to choose your preferred type of landscape, select the paint colors for the home’s interior or exterior, select the type of materials for floors and roofs, and many other customizable details that will make your property unique from others.

Likewise, a builder can integrate into these homes whatever special features a homeowner desires from a builder. Examples can be adding a spa-style meditation room to having a state-of-the-art room.


Detached Homes on a Beautiful Sunny Day

A cookie-cutter community made up of similarly built and modeled houses may be the thing that comes to mind when thinking of a master-planned community. This can be accurate as these houses have restrictions on upgrades. The purpose of such restrictions is to keep the value of these homes high and the area pleasant.

In addition, a master-planned community can be good as it provides a way to engage in activities by providing commercial and recreational amenities. This type of community can also become an avenue to allow a real sense of neighborhood.

Altogether, some reasons to keep in mind when deciding to live in a master-planned community are that it provides access to many amenities, provides community and security, and is a good investment.


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