5 Reasons To Choose Florida For Your Next Getaway

5 Reasons To Choose Florida For Your Next Getaway

Are you in desperate need of a vacation, be this for you and your friends, or for you and your family – or do you just need to take some time away for yourself? Well, if you are in desperate need of warm beaches, or whether you are craving an adrenaline rush at a fun theme park, Florida is the perfect place for you to take your next vacation.

It is also important to note that Florida as a whole is extremely accessible – so if you or a family member or friend finds that they struggle to navigate different beaches or theme parks due to inaccessibility, and therefore they become self-conscious about their disability, Florida will erase these worries.

You will not have to compromise on the fun at all, and there are so many reasons as to why you should consider visiting Florida for your next vacation. But, here we have narrowed these reasons down to five.

1. There are so many beaches

Beach - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Florida is best known for people visiting to enjoy lapping up the sea air and for lounging in the endless sunshine. The extensive coastline of Florida means that you have endless choices of where you want to park your sun loungers or your beach towels. Visiting one of the many beaches in Florida is one of the best ways to make the most of this idyllic vacation setting.

But one of our Florida beach vacation tips that you should bear in mind is to be as respectful of others on the beach as possible. After all, the beach is for everyone – and no one wants unnecessary beach drama. Don’t listen to blaring loud music, and make sure that you leave enough space between your group and the group residing next to you. Sure, the beach is a perfect place to socialise and meet new people but you need to be mindful that not everyone will want to go to the beach to meet new friends. Sometimes we just need some space and some true rest and relaxation.

2. The sun always shines in Florida

Sunset - Naples Beach, Florida, USA

This is an exaggeration, to say the least, but it can’t be ignored that one of the main reasons as to why people love Florida so much is because of the amazing weather. During the summer, the weather can be especially hot and especially humid, but people who visit Florida should be absolute lovers of the heat. Florida is the perfect location to visit if you are especially keen to escape the cold temperatures of your homeland. Florida will expose you to the most amazing mild and warm weather temperatures which are very common here.

3. Florida is actually pretty affordable

Miami River Condos - Downtown Miami, Florida, USA

Another reason as to why you should consider picking Florida for your next vacation location is because the cost of this vacation will not be absolutely extortionate. Sure, there are a whole host of typical tourist destinations that are much more expensive, but you do not have to pay these tourist attractions a visit. You do not have to fret if you want to find vacation rentals for your next visit but don’t know where to look. It is quite common for people to be confused about renting a vacation home. The search for the perfect home rental can be challenging, but not impossible. If you are planning to travel to a city you are unfamiliar with, there are various ways by which you can find an appropriate residence within your budget. You can make the most of what Florida has to offer in its authenticity rather than its marked-up locations. 

4. Florida is very accessible

Downtown Tampa by Night - Florida, USA

As we mentioned earlier, a vacation to Florida will entirely remove the stress and anxiety that you may feel surrounding disability access. As a destination, Florida is a very accessible destination for all of your family members and friends. Cities like Tampa, or Orlando in particular, have quality wheelchair transportation services, and on the whole, Florida offers a whole host of choices for you to make the most of every moment. Any worries about how you will get around will be removed.

5. Enriching cultural experience to be had

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument - St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Florida is home to a variety of people who are of a lot of different backgrounds and therefore a lot of different cultures. As a location, Florida is extremely rich in history, diversity, and the variety of people that you will come across. In fact, it is true that the diverse climate of Florida will be appealing to many people and this is part of the reason behind it being such a popular vacation destination. As a vacation destination, Florida is somewhere which is forever changing and it is one of the few destinations that ultimately remains unique. Life in Florida could not be more refreshing or exciting, because no two people are remotely the same. This is the true place to express yourself along with your individuality. Freedom is calling!


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