5 Pocket-Friendly DIY Home Winterization Ideas You Must Try

5 Pocket-Friendly DIY Home Winterization Ideas You Must Try

Winter is perhaps the toughest time of the year for a homeowner. There is much that you have to deal with, from keeping cold air outside to ensuring that your place is well insulated. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with a massive power bill that burns a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, the challenge isn’t as daunting as it sounds, as there are some cost-effective ways to winterize your living space. The best thing is that these are DIY ideas that you can implement without professional help if you have some basic skills. Here are some pocket-friendly ideas to try this winter.

Eliminate door drafts

Drafts are the top reason for dropping indoor temperatures and mounting energy bills. The ones around the exterior doors are the first concern you should resolve as a part of your home winterization plan. To start with, placing a draft stopper along the bottom of doors can help in blocking the cold air from seeping in. You can even roll up a fluffy towel to cover the open spaces for a quick-fix remedy.

Insulate the windows

While you may be vigilant about covering the doors, don’t forget the windows as well because they can also be a major source of drafts. Covering the windows is a good idea if you want to take an easy DIY approach. Thick curtains make sense, though you can go the extra mile by tacking plastic sheets over the windows. You can even consider investing in window installation kits if you can spend a little more and want the best results.

Tune-up the heating system

Before the winter sets in, you should tune-up your heating system to winterize your living space. Take a good look at the system and call a professional if there is a need for repair or replacement. If you are planning to install a new one, you can consider the best electric fireplace this season to get a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Having an efficient heating system in place ensures proper warmth without elevating your energy bills.  

Seal the outlets

Apart from addressing the door and window drafts and tuning up the heating system, sealing the outlets around the house is an effective way to steer clear of the winter blues. Investing in foam insulation covers is a good idea. These thin pieces of foam are designed to fit the outlets and wall switches, so you need not struggle a lot with their installation. You only have to remove the outlet, place the foam beneath and cover it back.

Insulate the attic

While insulating the attic can cost a bit, it can be the most effective way to curb the cold air from permeating your home. The insulation options for the attic include batten insulation with large roll-out sheets or the blow-in type with a machine that you can rent from your local hardware store. Although it sounds complicated, you can handle either of the methods easily with basic DIY skills. 

Winterizing your home with these DIY ideas can take some time, effort and money, but they can help you save a lot in the long run. Needless to say, you have a cozy living space that keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the season.


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