5 Photography Logo Design Ideas to Consider

5 Photography Logo Design Ideas to Consider

Are you hoping to skyrocket your photography business via an excellent branding strategy? 

Start with your photography logo design!

Because your logo would be the first representative of your business whenever someone seeks the services of a photographer in town. And your logo design holds the power not to attract them but convince the viewer to know more about your services. And for that, you must know what kind of photography logo design would work for your brand. 

No idea what logo design ideas would be a perfect option for your brand? 

Come, let us share some cool ideas with you that would enhance your branding score and be an instantly choice of your consumers. 


Initialisms are popular logo design ideas that never fail to seize the attention!

First, let’s understand what they are and how they can be useful for your photography logo design? Initialisms are also called lettermark and they’re basically the first letter of a long name. Think of IBM, KFC, or NASA to better understand the initialism. Basically, the idea is to shorten the name so the logo looks appealing and attractive. 

This photography logo design idea is suitable for those businesses where there are several photographer partners. You can take the initial letters from everyone’s names and arrange them in a strategic way to form your logo design. This would not just help you have a fantastic logo design but also a story attached to your brand about how you started the business. 


Just like initialism (or lettermarks), there’s another popular logo design type that can be a fantastic idea for your photography brand, wordmark!

A wordmark is basically the name of a brand incorporated in the design without any shapes or other creative element. Consider Baskin Robbins, McDonalds, or Ferrari’s examples to better understand wordmark logos. 

This photography logo design idea would be a fantastic choice if you’re the sole owner of your photography business and looking for a good name for your company. You can help people memorize your business name via the logo design and achieve your branding objectives with ease. 


If you want to give your photography brand an artistic vibe, you may turn to pictorial photography logo design!

What is a pictorial logo design?

Well, it is a symbol, a particular shape or a specific sign that describes your brand more accurately than the words do. Think of Apple’s bitten apple logo, Twitter’s flying bird, or Target’s target board logo design to get the idea of a pictorial logo. 

This could be a fantastic logo design idea if you’re into a specific photography genre such as street photography, night photography or landscape photography. You can utilize the key elements to form your pictorial logo and enable the people to guess correctly about your brand. 


Mascot logos are basically comical characters used as a logo of a brand!

These logos are suited for those businesses whose target audience is children or teenagers. Also, mascot logos are a fantastic way to have a distinct brand image!

You can use a mascot photography logo design if you capture kids or teenagers to relate with them on a personal and fun level. 


Emblems are an elite type of logo designs and they can be a great fit for your photography brand if you do portraits. Emblem logos induce the feeling of class or elegance in the brand’s public image and you can make use of this quality to set your brand as a distinct name in the industry. You can set a theme around your emblem photography logo design and address your specific audience such as those interested in couple portraits or jewelry photography.


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