5 Major Signs Your Kitchen Needs An Overhaul

5 Major Signs Your Kitchen Needs An Overhaul

The kitchen is usually the busiest place in the house. It’s also where you keep all sorts of items such as food items, kitchen tools, and different appliances. Because of this, it’s understandable how this room can possibly get out of hand, overcluttered, and hard to manage. 

It’s believed that kitchen overhauls are incredibly popular among homeowners today because it’s a great way to transform a kitchen space’s looks and practicality. Kitchen renovators, contractors, and companies like Zesta Kitchens are great options for anyone looking to introduce major changes in their homes.  

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen but unsure if it’s necessary, you might want to assess your current situation first. To gauge things better, here are some of the significant signs to finally get your kitchen remodeled.  

1. Clutter Easily Accumulate In Your Kitchen

One of the most prominent signs to look out for before moving forward with a kitchen renovation is when your kitchen gets cluttered quickly. This means you might not have enough counter space. It may also indicate that your storage can’t keep all of your items organized. You might also notice that after cooking or having a meal, everything quickly becomes a mess.  

An overhaul is going to be extremely helpful so that you can upgrade your kitchen’s capacity. Aside from adding more storage options, you could also introduce customizations to fit your specific needs. If you have an idea of how you want to store your pots and pans, you could definitely have them custom-made for your kitchen.   

A great tip is to go on social media or search for kitchen layouts online to get design inspiration. Making a board filled with ideas, color palettes, furniture, and floorplans would be a great help to let the contractors know what you have in mind.  

2. You Can’t Get Anything Done

Another big sign that you need to overhaul your kitchen is when you can’t get anything done completely. Perhaps after just one meal, the kitchen sink is already full of dishes, or while preparing a meal, you can’t seem to stay organized because there’s just not enough counter space available.  

This only means that your kitchen can’t keep up with your food preparation demands. Sometimes, a small working space or insufficient tools, furniture, and devices can make specific tasks feel impossible to accomplish. So, it’s best to get your kitchen remodeled to get more space to cook and do meal preparations with your loved ones. 

3. Things Fit Awkwardly In Your Kitchen Space

 Take a good look around your kitchen. Do your appliances fit awkwardly? For instance, your dishwasher, stove, and microwave just look out of place. They might look too big or too small for the space.  

If so, it might be time to completely change it up so that the fittings in your kitchen can help your appliances fit like a glove. This way, everything looks like they’re meant to be there, instead of looking forced. Aside from looking better and more cohesive, it also allows you to function better because everything is right where you need them to be.  

4. All Kinds Of Problems Keep On Popping Up

Remodeling your kitchen is also the perfect time to repair existing problems such as leaky pipes and problematic fixtures. Usually, you’ll want to get to these repairs first so that you won’t have to worry about them later on.  

A great thing to do is get the entire kitchen inspected because there might be some underlying issues you haven’t noticed yet. For instance, there might be some rotten wood or mold growth in hard-to-reach blind spots. This will help make your kitchen apparatus last longer and to avoid doing additional invasive repairs after the remodeling project.  

5. Fixtures And The Overall Theme Are Old Fashioned

An old-fashioned kitchen might have its charms, especially because vintage is quite trendy these days. However, some outdated kitchens look old and worn down. In addition, they don’t have the conveniences and luxuries that modern kitchens have.  

If your kitchen looks dated, you could definitely have it remodeled to be fitted with a more modern aesthetic or whatever theme you have in mind. You could also keep the vintage look, but you’ll have to get repairs done, remove any moldy and old items, and add some novel tools that could make the kitchen more practical.  

For instance, you could add a dishwasher, food processor, a better HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, and many others. You could also achieve any look you want with the help of an expert interior designer.  


Renovated Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that gets busy and it’s also where you keep many of your belongings. It’s important to get the kitchen upgraded to fit your needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic. This way, you and your home can function, and it can also make you happy when you see it.


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