5 Fantastic Reasons To Move To Nashville (And How To Buy The Right Home For You)

5 Fantastic Reasons To Move To Nashville (And How To Buy The Right Home For You)

Music City is growing at a never-seen-before rate due to the great job market, low cost of living, and high quality of life. You get all the big-city vibes without the costs associated with it. Plus, you have access to amazing live music, delicious southern comfort food, and an expansive artistic environment. 

What more could you ask for?

Well, you’re probably looking for a nice house since you’re here. However, Nashville is one of the hottest real estate markets in Tennessee, so if you’re thinking about moving here, you need to plan ahead. 

Moving forward, we’ll offer a few tips and tricks to finding a great home in Nashville and a few reasons why Nashville is a fantastic city to live in (for those who are still pondering). 

How to Find the Right Home in Nashville

As more people started to find Nashville attractive, the price of houses also went up. In fact, according to recent data, home prices in Nashville went up by 5.3% in January 2023. However, compared to last year, the median price ($422K) is lower, and a home spends around 68 days on the market before being sold (compared to 34 days last year).

These are signs that the market is shifting in favor of the buyers. So, if you’ve set your heart on Nashville, it may be a great time to buy this year.

Now, all it’s left is to decide if you want to buy a new or an older property.

Buying New? Choose an Experienced Home Building Company

The boom in the real estate market has attracted a series of contractors and investors who managed to expand the offer with new builds that respect modern standards of energy efficiency and design. 

However, to make sure you have access to the best new homes in Nashville, you have to do a bit of research on the home-building company. Or you could ask your real estate agent to provide more details on the building techniques, areas, and materials used. 

Buying Old? Pay Attention to Maintenance Costs

Nashville has many historical homes that feature rich and enchanting architectural styles. Of course, many carry stories specific to the area, but this seems to attract people even more. While not everyone can afford a plantation mansion or a log cabin, some people want to buy a house with a bit of history. 

After all, older buildings are better located since they’ve been around for a while. Moreover, with older buildings, you have more negotiation power. Still, before you jump at the first offer, take a step back and analyze the situation. Consider the repair and maintenance costs and assess the house’s energy consumption.

5 Reasons Why Nashville is Your Next Home

Now that you know what type of house you want to buy, let’s have a look at the reasons why so many people move to Nashville.

1. It’s Well-Located & Connected

The Nashville International Airport connects Music City with several major cities in the US, and all major airlines fly from and to here. Plus, the airport has daily flights (open non-stop), so you can get from one corner of the country to another in no time.

For nature lovers, Music City is close to amazing locations like The Great Smoky Mountains, Chattanooga, or the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. And if you don’t feel like driving, Nashville has plenty of green spaces and areas where people can walk, bike, or jog.

The largest park in Nashville is Centennial Park, where there are plenty of things to do for couples and families, and the Cumberland River is a nice spot for lazy afternoons.

In summary, if you’re looking for a location with green areas and space for children and adults to play outside, you can start packing for Nashville. Just make sure to choose the best moving company for your needs!

2. Great for Active People

Besides parks, Nashville has lots of bike-friendly neighborhoods, and you’re within drivable distance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you can hike or camp. 

Moreover, you’re not the only one who enjoys outdoor activities in the city! You can find lots of like-minded people who are happy to welcome a new friend to their group. So don’t be shy, and reach out to the groups in your neighborhood. It will be a great opportunity to meet the neighbors and find partners for hikes and biking. 

3. Lots of Things to Explore

Nashville has a lot of attractions for tourists, but it keeps being interesting even after you move here. 

For instance, the city is filled with start-ups and craft breweries, so it will take a while to test all the flavors at your disposal. Plus, when you combine the good company with live music and delicious beer, you get a wonderful evening of leisure and fun.

4. The Nightlife

Speaking of fun evenings, people in Music City rarely take a break during the night. Nashville is one of the main attraction points for girls’ weekends, bachelorette parties, and reunions due to its high-quality music, good food, and varied establishments.

The fun is mainly concentrated around Broadway Street downtown, where you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy. Plus, since everything is nearby, you can barhop without worrying about transportation.

5. Cost of Living

Besides the impressive location, nightlife, and activities, the reason why Nashville is so attractive right now is the cost of living, which is 3% lower than the national average. Furthermore, housing prices are lower than the national average by 9%, and utility costs are 10% lower.

However, it’s essential to know that the cost of living in Nashville is on the rise. Each year, it inches closer to the national average, so this may not be an incentive for too long. Still, if you find a good home and don’t eat out too often, Nashville can be a great place to live.

Key Takeaway

Nashville is a growing city that attracts new people every month. As a result, housing prices and the cost of living are on the rise. However, if you can afford to buy property here, it can be a wonderful home for you and your family.


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