4 Attention Grabbing Ways To Promote Your Construction Business

4 Attention Grabbing Ways To Promote Your Construction Business

In today’s construction industry, competition is fierce, and profit margins tight. That’s why, to keep the projects flooding in, it’s vital that no opportunity to promote your business goes to waste. 

Throwing money at random marketing and advertising initiatives is not an option, so here are four suggestions as to how you can grab maximum positive attention, at a minimal cost.

1. Raise your profile with the business community

In the construction business, contacts are everything. One of the most effective ways to promote your business is to join local groups and widen your network of contacts. 

Connect with your local Chamber of Commerce and other business support groups, and then make the most of the opportunity to meet potential clients by becoming actively engaged.  There’s usually a small annual fee to become a member, but this can be a great investment if the intended end result is more business opportunity. 

Offer to organize or co-present at their meetings, making yourself heard. On each occasion that you promote yourself and your business, you’ll be raising your profile and enhancing your reputation with other business owners. 

You’ll raise your profile as a committed and trustworthy member of the business community. Other members are more likely to turn to someone they know for advice or assistance with any construction-related projects. By completing a project for a fellow member, you can be sure they’ll recommend you to others.

In case you’re thinking that you don’t have time for all that networking and small talk, consider this. If you don’t connect with this type of group, your competitors may well do, hence they’ll be the first choice for the local business community! 

It’s not only business support groups that can be helpful in this way. Groups such as the Lions offer many opportunities to network and get your business noticed via your contribution to local events.

2. Sponsor local groups and events

Another way to create positive associations between your business and the local community is to sponsor local non-profit groups. Doing so will ensure your brand is promoted at every opportunity. 

If you donate funds for a new kit to the local kid’s soccer team or help organize a charity fun run, ensure your logo is prominently displayed and that you are acknowledged in all marketing materials and press releases as a sponsor. 

Pay it forward

As you’re in the construction business, a great way to leverage any donation is to provide it in the form of building materials, which you can source at a much better price than a local group could. If possible, you could also donate in the form of labour. For example, upgrading an outdoor public space by repairing walkways or extending the facilities of the local animal rescue can be acknowledged by a plaque that recognizes your help. 

These are powerful ways to connect with the public, including potential clients. Unlike expensive adverts, the positive association they create will be seen over an extended period of time. 

Sponsor a champion

A third way to offer sponsorship is to an individual. Is there a local sporting star, perhaps a cyclist or marathon runner, who would appreciate financial support as they train? Perhaps, someone who is undertaking a high-profile physical challenge to raise money for a good cause, who needs assistance to buy the necessary equipment? 

Become their official sponsor, and ensure that you’re acknowledged. You’ll cement a connection in the mind of potential clients that you’re positively engaged with the community. 

3. Use your free space to advertise

Regardless of the place or medium, advertising is expensive. Also, whatever channel you select, most adverts have a short lifespan, and probably involve repeated expenses to make any impact. What if there was a way to get your brand and messages in front of potential clients, over time, and for a relatively small investment?

Have you considered how much potential advertising space you already have available on your construction sites?  Custom-printed banners can be attached to virtually any flat, vertical surface.

For example, no matter how large or small your site is, you will probably have erected temporary fences, placed moveable safety barriers, or scaffoldings. In minutes, advertising banners can be attached to these. 

Banners can be custom-printed to cover walls or even the entire building. Top-quality suppliers, such as FenceWrap, provide a free-of-charge design service and use cutting-edge printing technology to create huge, visually appealing, high-resolution images. 

The first advantage is that no matter the size of your display surface, you have complete freedom to display whatever you choose on your banner.  Your logo, contacts, safety messages, or high-impact photos–anything that really grabs attention and promotes your business. 

Secondly, they’ll remain in place for the lifespan of your project. So, you can be sure that a wide range of potential clients will view them. 

Thirdly, when your project is finished, they can be removed in minutes, ready to take to the next location. So, for a small investment in good quality banners, which come with a 2-year no-fade guarantee, you can continue to promote your business repeatedly.

4. Start blogging

You’ll already have a website, but are you completely utilizing it? The aim of your site is to attract as many visitors as possible and encourage them to get in contact. 

The best way to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines is via keywords. An easy way to do this is by adding blog articles, describing your projects, using photos to show the stages, and including positive feedback from satisfied clients. If you need help creating this material, hire a content writer from companies like Compose.ly to provide high-quality and informative material that attracts consumers while utilizing the proper keywords in the text or explanations. For a relatively small investment, you can significantly enhance your online presence. Remember to also post quality content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


We hope that this article has sparked a few ideas as to how you can promote your construction business for minimum investment and maximum impact.


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