Wood Decor Ideas That Bring Unique Texture Into Modern Interior Design

Wood Decor Ideas That Bring Unique Texture Into Modern Interior Design

One of the earliest and most primal forms of decoration, wood still remains a major fabrication tool for interior design and homeowners alike. Whether you are looking to spruce up an outdated space or want a vintage feel, wood should be your go-to.

The various tarnishes, shapes, and hues may seem daunting at first, but once unpacked will offer a bevy of choices for your interior design projects. With so many looking to renovate and update while stuck at home, follow along below to learn how to spruce up your space through textured wood decor.

Your Guide to Reclaimed Wood

Coming in a variety of forms such as beams, flooring, and shelves, reclaimed wood can add a repurposed and personal touch to your space. In addition to its aesthetic properties, reclaimed wood can also have various health and sustainable benefits.

When purchasing reclaimed wood, it is important to keep a bevy of factors in mind such as condition, metal content, and moisture content. These characteristics can negatively or positively impact your space, and with anything, it is important to establish a good structure to build off of.

Not only aesthetically pleasing and deeply personalized, but reclaimed wood pieces are also often budget-friendly. Certain species of wood, such as oak, can be as much as up to 50% less expensive than newly bought hardwood flooring. This bang for your buck will save renovators money where it matters, allowing for projects further down the line that will add a sense of texture and depth to the space.

Searching for reclaimed pieces has become easier than ever with the emergence of warehouses and specialty woodworkers. Many provide delivery and customization services that will make the design and restorative process easy for overwhelmed renovators.

As many reclaimed pieces require sanding to finish and secure the final look, one should not stress over the hue of the wood when purchasing. Additionally, certain stains and wood paints can be applied afterward to achieve a desired visual effect.

Texturized Wood Techniques

Once a solid foundation has been established, many homeowners opt to add a personal flair that will instantly liven up any space. Techniques such as distressing, varnish, and shellac can add a sense of antiquity or modernity depending on the desired finish. So break out that old table you have stored in your basement and get ready to transform it into something brand new.

For those aiming to make new wood look “old,” a series of processes can easily be applied to the wood. Hand-hewing involves a process that involves using an electric hand planer that passes over the surface of the wood board. When doing so, one will achieve a finish with raised and textured areas that will suggest a wood from an earlier era.

If you are trying to modernize a piece of wood, the natural choice is sanding the piece and then applying a protective coat, usually found at home improvement stores, to add that much-desired sheen.

Another method you can use to freshen up an old piece of wood is distressing. One of the most common liquid agents is a mixture of vinegar and steel wool that creates a silver hue on the surface of the wood. Also a liquid method, using a spray with wood stain and water can provide a realistic worn look without having to wait for the wood to age naturally.

Wood Decor Options

Wood Decor Options

Once you have selected a particular finish and style for your space, choosing a decor direction that matches your space is equally as important. Depending on the atmosphere of your space, a decor silhouette can completely change and enhance the feeling of an interior.

An extremely popular use of wood for interior spaces is shelving. Practical and beautiful, wood shelves can add a sense of warmth and calmness to an interior—especially if the room is well lit. Consider playing with the line, shape, and width of your shelves to feature an added dimension of interest to your space.

Considering the material’s origins, many experiment with decor that resembles the great outdoors. Coffee tables made of twigs, lamps with tree root bases, and accent walls with layered branches are enticing focal points and can tie elements of nature into your home.

When experimenting with texture in an interior space, it is important to find that perfect balance between comfort and intrigue. As previously mentioned, lighting is almost as important as texture, if not more. Light can convey harshness, calmness, or even fright and plays off of the decor and colors that are included in your special space.

Whether you opt for a brushed shelf or a nub-edged end table, wood texture can make or break your space. Combined with expert lighting, these wood pieces will create an experience like no other.

Playing With Visual Weight

Visual weight is an important factor in deciding how to apply texture to your space. The term can be defined as how well an object or piece of decor draws attention. Adding a foreboding wood shelf or a delicate lamp can completely alter the energy of your space.

For pieces with dominant visual weight, consider oak end tables, reclaimed cedar flooring, or darkly stained staircases. If you prefer your wood decor to be less attention-grabbing, focus on using lightly stained pieces such as slim coffee tables or narrowly laid hardwood floors.

Using Wood to Elevate Your Home’s Style

Using Wood to Elevate Your Home’s Style

With so many stuck at home and experimenting with home renovations, there is no better time than now to explore the widely encompassing world of wood decor. Traditional methods such as reclaimed woods, distressing, and batiking can add a sense of antiquity as well as texture when contrasted with other items in your space.

Many of these techniques can be applied at home and on a scale that is attainable for the everyday do-it-yourself lover. With products readily available at home improvement stores, wood techniques are easier than you think. And even if your project goes awry, there is still beauty to behold in every strain and stain of wood.


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