Why You Should Be Using A Virtual Office Background

Why You Should Be Using A Virtual Office Background

Many people know Zoom backgrounds protect their privacy when working from home or in less-than-ideal environments. Some may not realize that a virtual background also provides ample opportunity for branding. If you aren’t using a virtual background to display your brand, you’re missing out. Discover how backgrounds can help you build your brand and why displaying your logo matters.

Building Your Brand

Building your brand is about showcasing your product and service. It is also about establishing a connection between yourself and your company. Virtual backgrounds can help with this objective in several ways.

1. Professionalism

A virtual background elevates your professionalism. The background is clean and uncluttered, suggesting competence and focus. Without a virtual background, clients can become distracted by personal knick-knacks and decorations, especially if you are working from home.

2. Consistency

A virtual office background also creates consistency across the organization. When every team member must use the same background, clients begin to see them as part of the brand and organization. The background creates a sense of cohesiveness and unity, reinforcing your brand image and strengthening recognition.

3. Brand Reinforcement

The best Microsoft Teams backgrounds implement brand elements in subtle ways. For example, the background may incorporate the colors or several design accents that are common to the brand. Even without a direct reference to the brand, the subtle touches remind viewers about your company, creating a lasting impression.

Displaying Your Logo

While you do not have to display your logo on a virtual background, it is an excellent idea. Consider the reasons to include your logo.

1. Brand Awareness

The company logo set into the visible background automatically increases visibility during video calls and conferences. The presence of the logo during these virtual sessions builds familiarity and promotes top-of-mind awareness of the brand.

2. Subtle Promotion

Also, a well-placed logo is not intrusive. It should fade into the background and not be too distracting. After all, the purpose of virtual meetings is to connect with the client. Still, with a subtle logo properly placed, you effectively market your brand or company without overtly selling a product or service.

3. Authority and Trust

A virtual office background also associates your or your team members’ images with the business. Clients automatically see the team as representatives of the brand. If your brand is credible and trustworthy, you and your team are by association. Obviously, this is a precarious relationship that depends on effective management and HR because, with strong associations between team members and the brand, the reputational damage of one can affect the other.ย 

A virtual background is beneficial for many reasons, mainly privacy and brand building. There are so many ways to use a background effectively, but you must first learn the ropes of installation and design. If you want to use virtual backgrounds for your brand, consult a virtual background creator to learn more about the process. Often, it is best to design a custom background for the most significant impact on the business and brand recognition.


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