Why Are Fixed Mortgage Rates So Popular In Canada?

Why Are Fixed Mortgage Rates So Popular In Canada?

If you search online, you can find the https://myperch.io/rates/ where you will see which are the tensions for interest rates in home mortgages. People believe that buying a home is the most serious job they will ever do. That is more true because they will probably invest in the house to shelter their family and then pass it on to their heirs as their estate.

However, more than 95% of all Canadian homeowners buy their homes through mortgages that usually have fixed rates. In this short article, we are going to show why these fixed rates are so popular in Canada and North America in general. That way you will know what is the best offer to follow when you have the chance. 

They Give You A Long Term Stable Financial Commitment

These loans give you a long-term stable financial burden that you have to pay for all the following thirty years. That means you know exactly the monthly payment that will never change in monetary terms. That means if the inflation rate goes up you will see no chance to the interest rates or the final monthly payment due to the bank. That case is something most people like since they feel comfortable with the idea of having a loan with fixed payment terms for the rest of their lifetime. When there is financial turmoil, it’s better to know that you owe a fixed amount of money than to have a variable rate loan that could give you a hard time paying back all the various payments through the months.

Fixed Rates Are Easy To Understand

All the fixed rates are easier to understand when it comes to a home loan. For that reason, your commercial bank has no amortization tables to show you or even explain to you the different scenarios of inflation during the decades. Customers like to know that fixed interest rates are matched with 50-year government bonds with a certain maturity date. This could never influence your ability to pay a monthly payment that is likely to stay the same till you grow old. That is the magic about the fixed interest rate mortgages that are available in all Canadian commercial banks.

Many Commercial Banks Prefer Offering Fixed Rates

It’s also true that many Canadian banks issuing home mortgages like to offer the fixed rates loans. That happens because they can easily write these liabilities to their balance sheet and ensure they have a positive income source for the foreseeable future. All mortgages are asset-backed, meaning that even when the homeowner fails to make his payments, they can always foreclose the house and have their money in their account without losing a penny. It’s a win-win situation for all the commercial banks who love to have a fixed interest rate and ensure their viability for the future.

Fixed Rates For Mortgage Are Getting Easily Asset-Backed

When you are a bank, it’s always better to buy long-term government bonds to back your investments and new money issuance. For that reason, it’s always better to have a large exposure to the fixed interest rate mortgages that can get all the collateral from the Federal government. That’s why they can enter the new housing subsidized programs that are meant for low-income and young families. These can give people a subsidy for the amount of interest rate they pay. Of course, they offer the fixed interest rate to become cheaper than other banks, and that is something all commercial banks like to have since it’s an easy profit for them.

Selling Fixed Rate Mortgages Is Great For 30-Year Pay-Back Periods

Finally, lots of homeowners would like to commit to a mortgage that will end in thirty years. That is something they view as a long-term commitment that will give them the chance to pay a low monthly payment to anticipate the family housing costs. At the same time, the monthly payment will slowly build equity for their family, and at the end of the 30-year period, the house could be their estate. That’s something that makes people hope they will gain their financial freedom and live peacefully in the last years of their lives.


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