What Is The Perfect Electric Fireplace For Your House?

What Is The Perfect Electric Fireplace For Your House?

Adding elegance and style to your room whilst providing the much-needed heat for the cold night isn’t such a problem if you have an electric fireplace. No doubt, electric fireplaces are great investments when it comes to mixing decorations with comfort. However, choosing from the myriad of options laid before you, really is not an easy task. Yet, it is definitely a crucial one. Why won’t it be when hundreds of dollars are on the line?

Electric vs. Gas vs. Wood Fireplaces 

If you still have some iota of doubt in your mind about electric fireplaces, here’s why you shouldn’t have a second thought:

  • Electric fireplaces do not release any form of contaminants into the atmosphere unlike gas and wood fireplaces. Also, they are cool to touch- making them safe for homes with children. 
  • Heat-conversion efficiency is higher compared to gas and fireplaces. 

If you still have a thing for gas and wood fireplaces, check out gas vs. wood fireplaces (FAQ).

Top 3 Electric Fireplaces For Your House

Puraflame Electric fireplace

If you are searching for the best, here it is! PuraFlame is capable of heating up small to medium size rooms. So even if your house is quite large, here’s is a fireplace that’s able to handle the job. What’s more, is that it is super-quiet. No fans would disturb you during your rest as you enjoy the warm atmosphere. 

For easy control of its heat production and flame effect, this fireplace comes with remote control. The remote control has just three buttons- an on/off button, a button to choose between the three available flame effects and a button to select between the 750-1500 heat range.

Not just that, there are lots of other amazing features; available for less than 350$ in most online retail shops. Definitely, if you are searching for a top-notch electric fireplace that’s budget-friendly, PuraFlame is your top pick. 

SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric fireplace

Checking for another fireplace that’s worth the price, Catwright should be your next stop. What are its features?

First off, it is can be easily mounted to your wall or in a corner. Also, its earthly toned tiles make it suitable for mounting in your bedroom, dining room, living room, or home office. Here, we also encounter the remote control feature. The remote control adjusts the thermostat, logs, timer, and flames. 

This fireplace doesn’t just give you value for your money but is also embedded with lots of safety measures. When it has reached its optimum temperature, it automatically shuts off. It also has a timer that is cool to touch even during operation. What’s more is that you don’t need a professional to install, because this fireplace is very much user-friendly.

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace 

This is a beautifully designed heater created not only to provide you with your desired warmth by also give your home that artistic touch and the required aura to wow your guests.

Think of a burning bush. Visualize as much as you can- what can you see? Fire, smoke, soot, ash… This fireplace offers everything a real burning fire can just with the exception of contaminants, pollutants, and wastes. Hence, making it perfect for your home. 

This fireplace excellently strikes the balance between a powerful heater and a quiet one. Its fans would provide up to 5,200BTU of heat to heat a room of up to a thousand square feet.  Have you ever wished you could just experience the 3D flame effect of a fireplace without increasing your room temperature? With this fireplace, that’s possible. Simply turn on the 3D flames and turn off the heat. Prado! Dream come true.


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