TOTES – The Responsible Choice for the Environment

TOTES - The Responsible Choice for the Environment

Trends happen so fast these days that it feels like wherever you look there is either a new term for things that have either been around for ages, or something new you have never heard of before that immediately makes you feel old. The tote bag is the former, something an online dictionary defines as ‘an open handbag or shopping bag used for carrying packages or small items.’ Despite the pointed definition, tote bags are just about one of the most versatile items out there, whether you’re thinking about function or fashion.

Take a look at some easy ways tote bags can help simplify YOUR life:

Be a TOTE-ally Smart Shopper

Every person who wants to cut down their waste and be more environmentally conscious should always turn to totes first; due to the sheer number of plastics they replace. Plus, it helps that they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and the ways you can use them is not only limited to being thrown in the garbage or recycling bin.

The tote is the perfect bag to both carry around and transport your purchases from store to home. Their reliable construction makes them sturdy, and their top open style makes it pretty convenient to have at your side, whether they are for buying groceries, the latest clothes, accessories, home goods, or an assortment for all the above. Most importantly, they look fantastic on your arm, and their straps are a lot less likely to dig into your hand as you lug them around. That’s a deal maker!

TOTE-ally ready for (home) Work!

No matter where you are headed, be it school, your office, or a store, tote bags are the perfect companion. With customizable looks, you can really jazz up your style and add functionality by durable straps making them the perfect accessory to carry notebooks, laptops or those backbreaking reference books. You can even go really crazy and carry all three at the same time! The best thing about tote bags is truly that they can take the wear and tear from repetitive uses, AND you can have them suit your preferences without paying an arm and a leg!

Two Words: Tote Purses

However you use them, personally or professionally, at home or out and about, the one constant is tote bags and their reusability. Not only can they be made from a variety of materials, recycled and recyclable- canvas, cloth, fake leather and even genuine leather. Plus, it helps that storing them isn’t a chore unto themselves!

If you feel that cloth bags don’t scream about style, you can always just opt for a sturdy leather tote and strut your stuff around town with a secure mind.

TOTE-ally Versatile!

In the age of sheep like consumers, where every little action requires you to buy yet another product with just one specific use, be a wolf. Buy a product that won’t let you down, that you won’t need to replace every few minutes, and that can reinvent itself depending on your need for it.

What are you waiting for?


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