Purchasing the Disney Vacation Club Membership in the Secondary Market: The Benefits of Resale

Purchasing the Disney Vacation Club Membership in the Secondary Market: The Benefits of Resale

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Setting a course for a journey into the enchanting world of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) memberships is a dream many aspire to achieve. While direct purchases are well-known, an alternative path is ripe with opportunities – the DVC resale market.

The avenue of Disney Vacation Club resales offers a unique blend of value and magic, making the dream of DVC membership more accessible and appealing. Let’s find out how DVC sale assist individuals with owning a piece of magic.

Understanding the Resale Process

An important topic for potential buyers is understanding the resale process itself. Piloting DVC resales involves understanding the distinctions of the market, including how listings are created, how transactions are facilitated, and the role of escrow services.

Educating buyers on these processes ensures a smooth and secure transaction, reinforcing the advantages of purchasing through the secondary market.

Annual Dues and Pricing

A critical aspect of DVC membership, whether purchased directly or through resale, is the annual dues. These dues are akin to monthly fees paid for condo associations, ensuring the maintenance and quality of the resorts. Importantly, there’s no difference in annual dues between direct purchase and resale – each owner pays the same rate per point for their respective resort.

This uniformity in pricing proves the DVC system’s fairness and structured approach, making DVC resales a financially transparent option for potential buyers.

The Approach Toward Marketing

In discussing the benefits of DVC resales, it’s essential to move away from conventional marketing strategies that emphasize discounts and perks. The true value of a DVC membership lies in the experiences and memories it offers.

The DVC sales approach focuses on the inherent worth and joy of being a part of the Disney community rather than short-term financial incentives.

A Broker’s Role in the Resale Market

The role of a broker in the DVC resale market is to facilitate a smooth transaction between sellers and buyers. Brokers do not dictate prices; they provide a platform for sellers to list their desired prices and for buyers to explore various options.

This role is crucial in maintaining a healthy and active DVC resale market, where buyers can find memberships that suit their preferences and budgets.

Effective Communication Strategy

Effective communication in the DVC resale market involves using clear and specific terminology. Referring to DVC contracts and available listings automatically cements prospective buyers’ understanding of the nature and details of their potential investment.

Highlighting resale advantages, such as considerable savings of up to 50% compared to direct purchases, is key when it comes to communication strategy.

Essential Details Regarding Membership and Ownership

DVC memberships, often described as owning a slice of magic, typically extend up to 50 years. However, it’s important for buyers to be aware of the varying expiration dates across different resorts. Some resorts offer shorter memberships, and understanding these gradations is critical in making an informed decision that aligns with one’s vacation aspirations and timeline.

The Imperatives of Resort Information and Selection

Choosing a resort is a deeply personal decision. Encouraging clients to consider their preferences and needs, such as proximity to certain parks or the resort’s ambiance. Detailed information about each resort, including its unique features, expiration dates, and booking advantages, is provided to aid in this selection process.

This level of personalization is one of the many advantages of exploring DVC resales.

The Management of Points

DVC memberships are lauded for their flexibility, especially regarding points management. Members can bank or borrow points, allowing for dynamic vacation planning. This flexibility is a standout feature of DVC memberships and remains fully accessible through resale purchases.


Purchasing a DVC membership through the secondary market offers significant benefits. From potential savings to the same level of flexibility and choice as direct purchases, DVC resales present an attractive option.

With the right guidance and information, buyers can commence this journey confidently, stepping into a world of magical Disney experiences and long-term value.

If you are searching for a unique blend of value and magic and are driven to own a piece of magic like the Disney Vacation Club membership, visit DVC Sales’ website today and transform your dreams into a reality.


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