Most Compatible Dog Breeds For A Multi-Dog Household

Most Compatible Dog Breeds For A Multi-Dog Household

Dogs are a lot of fun – so much so that many of us want a lot of dogs in our households! Of course, having a multi-dog household has its own challenges, such as whether the dogs will get along and how multiple dogs are going to fit in with your lifestyle. 

There’s also the consideration of breed. For instance, you may need to look for the best breed to mix with German Shepherd dogs in your home if you have a few German Shepherd dogs. Thankfully, there are a lot of dog breeds that will fit in perfectly with a multi-dog household.

Here are just a few of the best examples:

Labrador Retrievers

Ah, labrador retrievers. These friendly pups are the perfect choice for a house with numerous dogs. These dogs are great with other dogs, very energetic and are also good with families. Labradors are also pretty compatible with other animals that you may have in your home, such as cats. Just make sure that you’re a fan of long, energetic walks because these dogs need a lot of exercise.


Cuddly, fluffy, and energetic, goldendoodles are the perfect dog for multi-pet households. These are good family pets thanks to their friendly nature. They are very eager to please, so they will be a joy to have in your home. They are compatible with children and other dogs alike. They’re super playful too – your house will never be dull with a goldendoodle on the loose. Not to mention they’re super cute and a very popular breed of dog these days.

Basset Hounds

Basset hounds are loving dogs that will make a wonderful addition to any household. They are compatible with a relaxed lifestyle since these dogs are super calm. This makes them a great choice for multi-dog households. They don’t make a lot of dogs, and aren’t going to be super spooked by other dogs crossing by on the street or in your house. These little dogs are very cuddly and chilled out, so they’re sure to be an asset to your family and household. 


Whippets aren’t just fast, but they’re super friendly too! These dogs can run as fast as 35 miles per hour, so they’ll certainly be fun for your other dogs to play with. They’re very playful, though they are usually calm and aren’t very reactive. So long as these dogs are well socialized and exercised, they will be a great addition to a household with other dogs. Just make sure that your other dogs have a matching personality to a whippet, and you’ll be a-okay! 

English Fox Hounds

Some dogs prefer to be alone – they’re introverts that don’t like the company of other dogs. This is most certainly not the case with the English Fox Hound. These dogs are actually better suited to the pack lifestyle than they are to being on their own. It’s even better for their health and wellbeing if you have other dogs in the household, since they can get very bored without other dogs for companionship. These dogs work best when they are well socialized, so introduce them to your multi-dog household! 

Great Dane

These are pretty large dogs, but as Scooby-Doo shows, they are very lovable and intelligent creatures. They are a wonderful addition to any household, getting along both with children, adults, and other dogs alike. These dogs are very gentle, and have so much love to give. Why not add one to your household today?

St. Bernards

St. Bernards are some of the biggest dogs out there, meaning they have all the more love to give! Not only will they adore you and your family, but they will also be good with your other pets. They love large households with plenty of other dogs and also with children. You just need to make sure that you socialize them well from puppies and they will fit right into your house. 


Pugs are popular and loveable dogs. They are pretty playful dogs, and are wonderful companions. These dogs are wonderful with other dogs, since they are so friendly in nature. They make a good pet for families with young children too. Train these dogs well and make sure that they are well socialized, and you’ll have the ideal family pet.


If you’re looking to expand your family by another four, little or big! – paws, then you should definitely consider the options on this list. Here is a bonus dog breed perfect for your family, a full grown mini aussiedoodle that is very easy to train and is very loyal. They’re perfect for households with more than one dog, so they’ll be perfect for you too!


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