Luxury Home Design – TV Art Covers Are A Distinctive Addition to Your Interior Decor

Luxury Home Design - TV Art Covers Are A Distinctive Addition to Your Interior Decor

For many affluent people, a luxury home is their very own sanctuary, it is that special place that offers a respite from the clutter of the outside world. It is a place that is uniquely their own, a place of rest and relaxation. Thus, it is of course important that a residence be a distinctive representation of luxury and comfort personalized with the right mix of interior design, furniture and decor pieces. But, even when you think your home is complete, along comes a new item to consider that adds that final unique and distinctive touch of luxury to a perfect home. One of these new items is the increasingly popular TV Art Covers. Many people are finding that TV Art Covers are one of the key installations that can boldly transform their homes with canvas art to create a distinctively functional and unique presentation that enhances any space with style in the process. 

What are TV Art Covers  

TV Art Covers can be the perfect addition to your home. It can instantly elevate and enhance the personal style of any home and add that extra touch of luxury and sophistication. But the question is, what is it? TV Art Covers are not a special kind of TV, your current TV it hidden behind a canvas that rolls into the top of a picture frame when you are ready to watch your TV.  You get to choose which art piece you want to be presented, or it can even be a picture that you choose or even one of you or your family that can be applied to the custom canvas. TV Art Covers bring that extra touch of exclusivity to your home and give it that wow factor that will guests when you show them.  

How Does It Work  

The technology behind TV Art Covers is not that difficult to understand, but it is extremely impressive for those who actually get to experience it in person. The concept is not too complex, it is an image of artwork displayed in a picture frame on a canvas with the television hidden underneath it. When the television is turned on, the image of the artwork magically rolls up and disappears into the top of the frame allowing you to get to use the fully functional television in the picture frame. When the television is turned off, the artwork is again rolled down to reveal the picture in the frame. Since the artwork is presented on a canvas over the television, you can change the art depending on your tastes and the design that you want to achieve in your home. For example, if you want a majestic feel, then you might want to display artwork from the renaissance period, and if you have a modern, sleek design, then an abstract painting could be a good choice for you. Since there are hundreds of images to choose from, it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to choose one that you like, and if not, then you could have your own picture placed on the canvas. Say for example you had this amazing vacation in Bali, and you took a picture of a stunning sunset, then you can actually use that high-res picture to create a custom canvas to display in your home. 

Where to Get TV Art Covers 

TV Art Covers are a recent innovation that can be purchased directly from FrameMyTV, a company that manufactures TV Art Covers and also TV Mirrors and other related items such as TV Frames and TV Mirror Glass. You can order your TV Art Cover from them directly on their website. The online store has a number of tools which include a step by step procedure to create a custom TV Art Cover that fits perfectly within your home and decor. The platform also allows you to input the current make and model of you TV and then make art and frame design selections. You can even get a FREE Designer’s Inspiration Guidebook featuring 100 pages of client submitted photos and reviews from beautiful installations around the world to get you inspired. 

So now you have a unique option to display canvas art within your home without rearranging entire living spaces. TV Art Covers can dramatically change the look and feel of any room with a wall mounted TV in your home by simply slipping the TV Art Cover picture frame over your existing TV to display a retractable painting that rolls up at the press of a button.


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