5 Bedroom Upgrades Inspired by Luxury Hotels

5 Bedroom Upgrades Inspired by Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels offer sleek and stylish bedrooms that are comfortable and glamorous, if that is something you love, you don’t actually need to stay in a hotel. You can transform your own bedroom to give it a luxurious upgrade! Here are a few ideas that can help you:

1. Comfort is Worth the Investment

One of the best changes you can make to your bedroom is upgrading your mattress and bedding to high quality bamboo sheets. For a good night’s sleep, you need a good mattress that is supportive and comfortable. Everyone has different preferences. Whether it’s a firm mattress or a soft one, in your own bedroom, you have the freedom to find the mattress that’s perfect for you. A good night’s sleep is important, and a great mattress can make all the difference. Comparison and review sites like this one offer a good guide to the best soft mattresses available, so they are a good place to look if you need some help figuring out which one to choose.

2. Layout of the Room

Another thing to consider in your bedroom is the layout. The layout of a room can affect the flow of the space and how functional it is. You want your bed positioned to have a relaxing view, so perhaps this is facing a wall with art hanging, or perhaps facing a window if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with stunning views. Many hotel beds are centered against the wall, with a bedside table either side for symmetry. You will have an area with your dresser set up and adequate floorspace to comfortably move around the room. Moving furniture around is not an easy task, but it comes at no cost, and can actually change the way a room feels and functions. Getting the right Feng Shui in your bedroom can make all the difference, so play around with it.

3. Lighting for Every Purpose

One of the most favored lighting options in any room is natural light, but in the bedroom, it needs to be controlled. Having natural lighting is brilliant, so you are lucky if you have a large window that brightens up the room. When it comes to sleeping, however, you need a good blind and pair of curtains to keep you in control. Artificial lighting is just as important too. Many hotels try to provide plenty of lighting options, including bedside lamps and overhead lighting, as well as cabinet lighting. Creating the right ambiance to help you naturally unwind in the evening, or to wake up softly in the morning, is really helpful. You can also use pale colors in your room and mirrors to help reflect light around the room and make the space feel bigger.

4. Textures, Fabrics and Soft Furnishings

Luxury hotels strive to provide comfort, and some of that comfort comes from the cushions and blankets that decorate the room. They are another way to add style to a room, as you can choose what colors or patterns you want on these soft accessories, and they can easily be swapped out to suit your mood. Choose cushions and blankets that help to make the style of the room cohesive; you could even personalize them by adding monogrammed cushions for a truly elegant touch.

5. Keep it Tidy

One of the best things about hotels is how tidy the room is. When you enter the room, everything is in its own place and things are minimal and uncluttered. Keeping your room tidy and organized is an easy way to keep your room feeling more luxurious. Now may be the perfect time to do away with unwanted items and re-organize your space. The room will feel calmer and look so much better once you have tidied it and cleaned it!

Hopefully, these tips can help your transform your bedroom into a luxurious room that is stylish and comfortable, but more importantly, a room that helps you get a great night’s sleep!


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