La Jolla Farms – San Diego’s Uber Exclusive Luxury Real Estate Enclave

La Jolla Farms - San Diego’s Uber Exclusive Luxury Real Estate Enclave

The prestigious properties and luxuriously grand gated oceanfront estates of the 200-acre La Jolla Farms neighborhood of San Diego are some of the most expensive and uber exclusive homes in North America. With magnificent grounds and tremendous sea views, the cliffside estates of The Farms carry some of the highest appraised property values in California.

Located at the north edge of La Jolla, near the renowned Torrey Pines State Park and Golf Course, The Farms is situated on the rugged sandstone cliffs above California’s famous Black’s Beach. Originally an equestrian property subdivided in the 1950’s, La Jolla Farms now boasts some of the largest coastal homes in Southern California ranging in size from half acre to 5-acre and larger lots. The multi-million dollar Cliffside estates of La Jolla Farms enjoy unobstructed, panoramic Pacific Ocean views as far as the eye can see.

The nearby Torrey Pines Glide Port, famous for the hang gliders that take off over the ominous cliffs of Black’s Beach make for awe-inspiring viewing in the sky over the ultra high-end estates, while the tremendous sunsets and breath-taking panoramic views over the beaches below make the unique attributes of this unbelievable location even more special.

Oceanfront living in La Jolla Farms is certainly an enviable luxury experience. The seaside cliffs of The Farms have attracted an elite set of residents including numerous multi-millionaires and billionaires. Some of the most prominent include Ted Waitt, founder of Gateway Inc., and Roger Tsien, a Nobel laureate along with billionaire investor Ron Burkle of Los Angeles who owns the Cliffside mansion pictured above. Burkle, who now spends most of his time in London, uses his Mediterranean-style La Jolla Farms estate mostly for entertaining and has reportedly fielded offers in the $60 million range for the estate.



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