Antarctica’s Polar Paradise Bay – Frigid Still Waters with Beautiful Reflections

Antarctica's Polar Paradise Bay - Frigid Still Waters with Beautiful Reflections Photo Credit: Baron Reznik

Known for its still water views that reflect the surrounding islands of Lemaire and Bryde, along with the west coast of Graham Land between Duthiers and Leniz Points, Paradise Bay is one Antarctica's most astounding panoramic viewpoints.

Glaciated mountains and icebergs surround and protect the harbor, all while helping provide breathtaking panoramas that attracts touristic cruise ships to the world's southern-most arctic continent. When the glaciers are not calving, the frigid waters in the bay are quite calm with beautiful reflections on a clear sunny day.

If you aspire to travel to the white continent, then look no further than a voyage through the Drake Passage. This is the body of water you cross between South America and Antartica, as you set sail for what is truly the trip of a lifetime with otherworldly scenery that inspires world travelers.



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