$70 Million Lev Leviev Palladio Residence – Compton Ave, Highgate, London, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, UK 🇬🇧

Lev Leviev Palladio Residence - Compton Ave, Highgate, London, England, UK
  • Name: The Palladio Residence 
  • Price: $70,000,000 USD – (£35,000,000 – 2008 GBP/USD 2.0)
  • Size: Over 17,000 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Staff: Separate accommodation and entrance.
  • Foyer: Hand carved $1.5 million stone staircase.
  • Fireplace: Hand carved $200,000 drawing room stone Cliveden fireplace.
  • Bathroom: 1-ton basin carved from a single piece of white Iranian onyx.
  • Entertainment: In-house nightclub/ballroom automatically converted over pool.
  • Indoor Pool: Gold plated tiles on pool and spa level.
  • Entrance: Bulletproof armour-plated $100,000 front door.
  • Security: Guard gated with 25 remote infrared CCTV cameras. 
  • Purchased: 2008 

The Palladio Residence is one of the most expensive homes ever sold in Britain. In 2008, Israeli diamond king, Lev Leviev purchased The Palladio Residence for a reported $70,000,000 USD (£35,000,000) setting a record at the time as the highest price ever paid for a newly constructed residential property in London. 

The Palladian-style home features a stunningly elaborate mirrored entry hall, said to be modeled after the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ in the Palace of Versailles as well as an immaculately hand-carved $1.5 million ornately grand dual stone staircase. Equipped with an elite level of ‘one-of-a-kind’ technology and bespoke design, this remarkable home includes a family room that can be converted into a cinema at the touch of a button and a stunning basement indoor poolroom that can be converted into a ballroom/nightclub setting.

Named after the 16th century Italian considered to be the father of post-Renaissance architecture, the Palladio Residence is arguably one of the finest newly-build examples of those principles in Europe, if not the world today. Built with a level of hand carved craftsmanship last used over 150 years ago to construct the most extravagant of French Chateaux’s, the 17,000 sq. ft. estate was designed to last for 300 years representing a compelling achievement of grandeur and style from a bygone era.

Located adjacent to the infamous ‘Billionaires Row’ on ultra-exclusive Compton Avenue, a private gated road with 24-hour security in the Highgate area of London, no expense was spared on the estate. It’s numerous jaw-dropping attributes include a nightclub, a cinema, an indoor subterranean swimming pool decorated with gold-plated mosaic tiles, a gym with a steam room, a sauna and spa bath, a hair salon with a treatment room and a security system with a $100,000 bulletproof armour-plated front door and 25 infrared camera’s that can be remotely controlled from a “yacht in the Caribbean,” if necessary. 

  • Architect: William Bertram of Bath (Royal Architect)
  • Interior Design: Bill Bennette
  • Lighting Design: The Light Corporation
  • Developer: Mansour Namaki
  • Owner:  Lev Leviev (Billionaire – Diamond Tycoon)