Why Silicon Valley Attracts The Best Academics In The World

Why Silicon Valley Attracts The Best Academics In The World

There are not many places like Silicon Valley in the world. It is a place where one would find over 2000 of the best tech companies in the world. With so many customers, suppliers, colleges in the area, it is very competitive. Some of the businesses in Silicon Valley are market leaders in their right. 

Any student that has ambitions of working at some of the top companies in the world, has a wide range of educational institutions to choose from in Silicon Valley. It is home to the world-famous Stanford university as well as other universities like San Jose state university, Santa Clara University, and Silicon Valley university.

Why Silicon Valley attracts the best academics 

1. There is a high level of cooperation in Silicon Valley

Any student who wants to study in the area will be encouraged to know that many of the people who own local businesses went to school together. This makes it easy for them to not only have friendly rivalries but also promote each other’s businesses. 

The people are all loyal to one another and this is never overshadowed by corporate politics. Communications and personal relationships between people last for a very long time. In some cases, companies are seen working together to be more successful in both long term and short term. 

If you are a student who wants to study in Silicon Valley, the chances of you making friends who you can go into business with are very high. This is very attractive for any student especially now when the job markets are very competitive and getting a well-paying job is easier said than done.

2. Silicon Valley is culturally diverse

Many people have no idea just how culturally diverse Silicon Valley is. From 1995 to 2005, the majority of the businesses that were open in the area were owned by a foreigner or immigrant. 

China and India have a good history of producing some of the best engineers in the world. Students from these countries pick the state of California, especially Silicon Valley to study. 

Attracting foreign students is both good for the economy in the local area but also opens people’s eyes to new cultural experiences brought by these foreign students. The wonderful people in silicon valley are very welcoming and embrace any foreigner who wants to further their education at their universities.

3. Top-quality universities

Finding a job after a student has graduated is not easy especially if your qualifications come from an educational institution that isn’t world-renowned. Students that have a degree or diploma from a top university can find jobs easily. As pointed out above,  the area is home to some of the best universities in the United States of America. 

They have a very high pass rate and produce some of the best business owners in the area. Universities in the area include Stanford university as well as other universities like San Jose state university, Santa Clara University, and Silicon Valley University. The majority of people who own businesses in the area are graduates of Stanford University. 

The faculties that these universities have are top class. Students are taught by some of the best tutors the world has to offer. On top of that, the campuses of these universities are top class with computer rooms, libraries, lunchrooms or cafeteria, lecture rooms, and student dorms. 

Students have everything they need on campus to ensure they have the best experience possible when they are studying. Just like any other university in the world, students are required to show academic progression by producing essays. This is something that no student can escape and has to be done. For any student that is finding it hard to produce an original essay in a given subject, they can hire a professional essay writer. There are so many writing companies online like CustomWritings whose academic experts will write essays to the standards expected at Stanford University.

4. Chance to live and work in the United States of America

The USA is considered by many as the land of opportunity and one of the best countries in the world. The chance to live and start a career in a developed country is very attractive to many people. 

Those that come from poor countries look at it as an opportunity of lifestyle to study around the Silicon Valley area at any of the top universities. As long as they can show that they will be productive members of society, they will be rewarded with opportunities to forge a life in the USA by landing a high profile job or starting a business of their own.

5. What is known as non compete clauses were prohibited in California state

Since non-compete clauses are prohibited, top-performing students can leave an organization and establish one on their own. This allows them to bring their ideas to life meaning that their workforce can pour their energy into dealing with other issues in the business.