Which NFL Players Play Poker On Weekends?

Which NFL Players Play Poker On Weekends?

NFL (National Football League) players are widely recognised for the inexplicable performance that they portray on the field. Putting in hard work, performing tough workout sessions, staying on-field even in the off-season; all of these things pay off and they earn great love and respect among their fans. 

However, apart from this, the players are also followed and recognised by their fans for what they do in their free time. Their leisure or fun activities can include anything from spending time with their family or in nature to playing a good hand of poker.

Poker is very famous among NFL players and some of them have also been featured in poker championships telecasted on television. Poker can be played both online and offline. For example in Norway, both online and offline casinos or poker games have been heavily regulated over time.

 A large amount of the public has been interested in playing poker online. Several casino sider offer such services to their clients. NFL players play poker with a great deal of interest. Some of the players that play poker in their free time or on weekends are:

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith has been a commendable NFL player during his entire reign. He has had a memorable and successful career over the years. He has also made innumerable records during his professional playing time. This bag of records included the all-time great record for career rushing yards. Following his unbreakable streak of records, Emmitt Smith was then introduced to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the year 2010. 

Emmitt Smith was invincible during his career when he played for the Dallas Cowboys. He might not have had much of a prominent position in the team, but his unmatchable efforts and exceptional determination and dedication proved very beneficial in scoring points for his team. After retiring from football, Emmitt Smith decided to spend his post-retirement period playing poker, something that he loved to do for leisure.

 He is super rich and not shy on camera. This helped him to participate in several major poker game events. Also, he seems to be knowing the exact ins and outs of this game as well. If you enjoyed it, why not check out more content from the author, Benjamin Reppersen.

Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins’ love for poker is undeniable and very passionate. Some incidents might suggest that he loves poker more than his professional career. For example, this one time when he got into a big deal of trouble due to his love for poker. Sammy Watkins is a great NFL player and great NFL players put in a lot of hard work and trouble to reach the stage that they’ve been standing on. 

This hard work includes off-season practices and being present at team facilities to where they have a sit-down with their coaches and discuss the game strategies with them. A similar incident occurred in 2016. Sammy Watkins was expected to attend a similar practice for the Buffalo Bills. But, he was actually spending time playing poker in North Carolina with his teammates.

Richard Seymour

Seymour is another retired NFL player who has made poker his favourite pastime. You might even say that poker has become his second career. He was described as a ‘gentle giant’ in his days. Standing tall at 6”6, Richard Seymour was an impressive player and had a commendable career in his time. 

After having a rock on career in the NFL, Richard Seymour went on to have a similar career in poker games. Seymour has been a part of a great number of poker tournaments and has also won a considerable amount of prize money in the same.


Even though the poker game is a bit flamboyant and flashy, NFL stars might look at it from another perspective. Some people might find it to be relaxing and peaceful whereas some people might find it a bit extra because of the extravagant prize money.