What To Know If You’re Working From Home Due To COVID-19

What To Know If You're Working From Home Due To COVID-19

The global outbreak of Coronavirus has brought the world back into the homes. Business meetings are now called on Google Meet; formal attire only includes a shirt and a tie. This new work-from-home culture is definitely to stay long after the virus is gone, and we have to adapt ourselves to it. If you are working from home, here are some quick tips to stay balanced and productive amidst all chaos.

Maintain Your Working Hours

Have a clear idea of your working hours and stick to it. Since you are working from a distance, you can consider incorporating flexibility in your schedule. Start a little early and wrap up your tasks of the day quicker. But if your office does not allow early start, keep regular hours, and do not overwork. Remember, you need personal care too. Use apps like RescueTime to keep your time track.

Have a Morning Routine

We understand that getting up and sitting at your desk for work can also be hit by serious procrastination. To avoid this, make a morning schedule. It can be as simple as bathing and preparing a cup of coffee or doing exercises. This will bring agility to the body, and as per your office hours, you can get back to the table.

Schedule Breaks

You know the standard work breaks for employees in your company. Maintain that even when you are working from home. Take a usual lunch break and also keep strolling around the house every once in a while. Have adequate time for yourself as you work.

Communicate with Your Family Members

Just because you are working at home, doesn’t mean the daily chores will stop at once. Your kids will be around all the time. If you are with your parents, they will want you to look after their needs. Do not lose your calm over things like this, but also let them know of your work pressure. Make sure they know when you have a packed schedule and when you can spare time for them.

Have a Dedicated Office Space

You must be used to having an office space where you feel comfortable and motivated to work. Allocate an area as such at your home so that you can get accustomed to it within a few days. Avoid keeping the laptop on lap and working. Also, utilize this time to consider making changes to your home insurance coverage, as per the need.

Show Up in Online Meetings

Video conferences are a part of the office schedule now but do not be a mere attendee. Engage with your colleagues, put forth your opinion, and be seen and heard on screen. Make your online presence noted, and you will see a substantial change in your office presence when all of this is over.

Do Not Hesitate to Take Sick Days

Lastly, do not hesitate to call in sick if you are unable to work any day, because of your health. It is your right to exercise, even when you are sitting in the comfort of your home. Take rest and be as productive as possible the next day. Remember to stay positive throughout this testing phase of our lives.



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