What to Expect for UK Festival Season in 2021

What to Expect for UK Festival Season in 2021

As lockdown restrictions are gradually eased, many of us are looking to the summer hopeful for a bit of normality. Many industries have had to shut down completely; none more so than the music and events industry, with many festivals, sports events and more having been postponed. 

With the United Kingdom government working towards lockdown lifting completely by June 21st, could we see a festival season happening in 2021? SRP Hire Solutions take a closer look.

Will festivals go ahead in 2021?

Standing with your friends in a huge field singing your heart out might feel like a long way off yet, but it is looking a little more positive. With Covid-19 data showing that cases are continuing to decline, we might soon be enjoying the lifting of limits on social contact by mid-June this year. It’s given many in the events industry hope, and while there are no guarantees that festivals will go ahead, many are still planning for an optimistic outcome.

While Glastonbury in June has already been cancelled, the organisers of Reading and Leeds Festival, which typically takes place at the end of August, are very confident their events will go ahead. Similarly, 2000 Trees in Gloucestershire are planning full steam ahead for their event in July.

TRNSMT in Glasgow, Tramlines in Sheffield, Tramlines in Manchester, and Creamfields in Liverpool are all planning to go ahead as normal. Some of these festivals have even completely sold out of tickets already.

The risks and challenges ahead

There is still the possibility of widespread cancellations if Covid-19 data doesn’t meet the government’s requirements to continue easing lockdown. It takes an army of people to organise and pull off a festival, many of whom have seen their income plummet over the last 12 months. 

Social distancing at a festival is almost impossible, and while there is talk of it being scrapped by the summer, it could make things difficult if measures are still in place. The virus is generally transmitted as you breathe, including talking and singing. Despite being outside in a field or a forest, singing your heart out could still be a big risk.

The vaccine rollout could prove instrumental in getting the events industry back on its feet, providing it ensures sufficient protection for long enough. The concept of rapid testing before entering a festival could also play a part, although the logistics of this could prove challenging with attendees expected to queue for longer.

The truth is that the next few months will be very telling, with many festival organisers keeping a close eye on the data and any government announcements. If you have tickets for a festival in 2021, keep your fingers crossed and keep your eye out for any updates!



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