Wedding Budget Tips in the Time of the Pandemic

Wedding Budget Tips in the Time of the Pandemic

Thereโ€™s no force in the world that can stop love, not even a global pandemic. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put a damper on wedding plans.ย 

To add to the stress of regular wedding planning, COVID-19 has put a major financial strain on many people. Couples planning their wedding are forced to fight against travel restrictions, social distancing, and compromised budgets, which means you need wedding budget tips.

Keep reading to discover how you can pinch your pennies and deliver economical weddings to be proud of.

To achieve the wedding of your dreams during Covid, you may have to forego the typical wedding budget. But donโ€™t worry, our wedding budget help will make sure that it doesnโ€™t feel like a compromise.

The first step is to set your priorities. While there are several areas you can save money in, ShootProof recommends being careful when it comes to hiring a budget photographer. Oftentimes, budget photographers are less experienced and may not know how to properly capture all of the events that happen throughout the day. Among all of the wedding budgeting tips, the most important is to have an open, honest conversation about what matters most. 

A quick chat with your significant other will uncover the deal-breakers, compromises you are willing to make, and things that you donโ€™t actually care about.

When it comes to the wedding reception budget, there are a lot of cutbacks you can make without sacrificing quality. The most significant decision you can make is the guest list. Most wedding budgets hinge on how many guests are attending. Reduce your list to the bare minimum to enjoy the largest savings possible.

The second easiest method on how to reduce wedding costs rests in the food category. Open bars and signature drinks both add up rather quickly. Keep things simple with standard red and white wine on the table and a cash bar option for those who prefer beer, spirits, or cocktails. Catered buffets also add a heavy dose to the budget. Discuss several meal options when calculating how to plan a budget wedding. Not only are plated or individually wrapped meals less costly, but they also adhere to social distancing best practices.

Instead of printing your save-the-dates and invitations, consider emailing your stationery. This is far less costly when it comes to wedding plans on a budget, and results in images that your guests can share on social media. It also adds a layer of convenience when it comes to keeping track of everything. Digital invites can connect to one of many wedding planning apps.

If you are using a wedding planning app, you may be able to cut out a professional wedding planner altogether. This is potentially 15% of your entire wedding budget if your plan is to opt for a full-service wedding planner. As a compromise, you can take on a lot of the responsibilities yourself and keep the wedding planner for the day-of.

One of the easier budget wedding tips to act on is the honeymoon. With all of the travel restrictions, potential vaccine passports, and inevitable germ spreading on airplanes, postponing your honeymoon just makes sense.

To leave you off on a good note, you may be in luck when it comes to booking a venue. Instead of compromising with less, you may actually get more than expected while planning a wedding on a low budget in this case. A lot of couples are postponing their weddings until later, or choosing to host virtual events. This means that venues are less competitively priced, and schedules are a lot more flexible. Start your hunt early, and you may be able to find a premium venue at a budget-friendly rate.

Beyond those major wedding budgeting tips, you can always cut tiny corners to save even more. Spend a little less on your gown. Rent the tux instead of buying. Opt for a 2-tier instead of a 3-tier cake. Craft your own DIY decor instead of buying. Any of these will definitely help with your wedding planning budget.ย Just remember to keep your priorities in order.


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