UK Rooms With A View: Sports Fans Edition

UK Rooms With A View: Sports Fans Edition

Sports enthusiasts sometimes go to extreme measures to get closer to the sports and teams that they love. You’ll often find two love birds with a passion for soccer being married in the centre circle of their team’s home stadium, an arena they met at or a venue where they enjoyed their first date. There are new parents who name their children after a favourite player or club legend, and you’ll find more than a few pet dogs carrying the name of famous names in professional boxing, including Tyson, Holyfield and Bruno.

You may even find someone who bets big on their team to win the season on the best sports betting apps despite traders writing them off. There’s no getting away from our love of sports; it’s just some fans are willing to go the extra mile to showcase their love and devotion to a team. Where do you fit in? Are you all about your local side, attending every match, or are you more of a fairweather fan that only shows interest when the big fixtures come around?

What about when it comes to finding a home? For a sports fan, buying a place to live that is close to your team’s stadium is an ideal situation. It means you have a short walk to and from the arena on match day, allows you to host pre-match parties for the biggest figures, and you can see all comings and goings from your window. Just imagine, you could be sitting quite content at the dinner table only to see a new player or coach pull up outside in their chauffeur-driven car and rush into the stadium. Imagine the clout you’ll have broken that story on social media.

Living near a stadium is a dream for many sports fans, and it’s not one out of your grasp. You’ll find that many venues are built in residential areas and near points of public transport, such as a tube station, bus depot and major roads. Living near a stadium isn’t an impossible dream, but would you ever find a house that gives you a view of the playing surface? That would be something quite special, but we’re here to tell you that, for many fans, it’s a reality. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some weird and wonderful homes that give the owner a bird’s eye view of the players.

Wembley In Your Garden

Imagine kicking your soccer ball over the next-door neighbour’s wall and having to enter the 90,000-capacity stadium Wembley to retrieve it. OK, it would take some kick to clear the venue’s towering brick walls, but it is possible to have the home of English football and the England national team as a neighbour. Buy a modestly priced semi-detached, three-bedroom house in Wembley, London, and you’ll have the stadium at the bottom of your garden. Look out of your bedroom window, and you’ll never tire of the view. Wembley Stadium dominates the skyline and will do for the next few hundred years, we expect. Half a million pounds will buy you a semi with a remarkable view.

The Olympic Village

Since London staged the summer Olympics in 2012, the former Olympic village has been transformed into affordable flats with excellent transport links. Another lasting legacy of London 2012 is the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, which is the home of English Premier League club West Ham United; purchase a flat in the former athlete’s village and as well as guessing which famous name once slept in your room; you can catch the score from the Hammers next game on your way to the toilet.

Cappielow Rise

It’s nowhere near as famous or appealing as living in London and hearing the cheer of the crowds inside Wembley and the Olympic Stadium, but if you are looking for unparalleled views of a stadium, you’ll be hard pushed to find better than the Scottish shipbuilding town of Greenock. Take up a local authority flat for around £350 a month in rent, and the higher you are in the tower, the better the view you’ll have of local team, Morton. The Ton play in the Scottish Championship, so don’t enjoy too many glory days, but that means your car parking space won’t be in too much danger on match day.