The Top 5 Accessories Every Parent Needs for an Open House Amid COVID-19

The Top 5 Accessories Every Parent Needs for an Open House Amid COVID-19

Buying a new house is never easy—you’ve got to imagine someone’s pre-existing space as your own, all while carrying on small talk about cabinets and countertops. However, buying a home in the midst of a pandemic is a different animal entirely—and a far more challenging one when children are along for the ride. However, with the right accessories on hand, you can keep from turning those houses you’re touring into your little ones’ personal playgrounds—and subsequently being shown the door. Before you even start browsing listings, here’s what you need in your arsenal:

Petunia Pickle Bottom face masks: Getting your kid to don a scratchy surgical mask before heading into an open house is about as easy as getting them to eat their brussels sprouts at dinner. However, when their masks are comfortable and look cute, the task is a whole lot less onerous. Enter Petunia Pickle Bottom’s stylish masks for adults and kids, which are made of 100% cotton and wrap around the back of the head, meaning no more uncomfortable pulling on your little one’s ears. In addition to offering fashionable face coverings in cheetah print, a black-and-white cross pattern, and solid colors, the company has recently released a new line of stylish children’s masks designed by a 14-year-old whose cute dinosaur and unicorn illustrations have managed to make mask-wearing look downright adorable.

Hand sanitizer: While there’s no doubt any home you’re visiting has been meticulously cleaned before your arrival, you can never be too careful when it comes to coronavirus. Instead of stopping to wash your hands yet again, pulling out a bottle of hand sanitizer after you’ve touched a surface in the house can help you keep your hands clean and free of germs—keeping your whole family safer in the long run.  

A MOBY wrap: Babies are unpredictable and keeping them contained in a new space they’d love to explore is a next-to-impossible feat. Fortunately, with the MOBY Wrap Evolution in charcoal, you can keep both you and your little one comfortable while you tour homes without having to lug a bulky stroller around. Not only is the wrap stretchy and breathable, affording both you and baby plenty of comfort as you walk, its stylish deep gray hue goes with everything, giving you the polished look you want for the occasion.

Nitrile gloves: Of course, you could turn on taps and open and close cabinets in a house you don’t own without gloves on—but why would you? With a few pairs of nitrile or vinyl gloves in tow, you can safely explore a new home to your heart’s content without worrying about contaminating your car or home afterward—just make to throw them out when you leave!

Snacks: Let’s face it, nobody is their best self when they’re hangry—especially kids. And unfortunately, with coronavirus still looming large, those snacks once offered up at open houses are a thing of the past. However, keeping a handful of your own snacks around in easy-to-access, spill-proof containers can help keep your kids from having a breakdown just when you’re getting to your questions about kitchen renovations and HOA fees.

Finding the perfect home to call your own doesn’t need to feel like a grueling process, even if you’re starting your search in such an unprecedented time. With a well-packed bag and some consideration before hitting that open house, finding the home of your dreams can still be an enjoyable process—pandemic or not.



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