The Luxury of a 5-Star Cabo Resort

The Luxury of a 5-Star Cabo Resort

If you’re going to book a vacation to Cabo San Lucas with close friends and family, you want to make the most of the experience. Cabo has plenty of amazing villas and hotels on offer. However, the most luxurious way to appreciate your time here is at a 5-star resort. But what makes a resort in Cabo 5 stars? What should you look out for?

10 Things That Make A Resort in Cabo 5-Star

1. The ocean views

Let’s start with one of the main reasons everyone comes to Cabo in the first place: the ocean. The region is surrounded by stunning water that’s perfect for swimming, boat rides, and more. So, naturally, you want to be able to see it as much as possible. The best 5-star villas in the area boast incredible ocean views to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

2. The luxury villas

These stunning ocean views are all made possible by the carefully designed villas and penthouses at these resorts. You can book a spacious home-away-from-home with friends and family where you can all relax, celebrate milestones, and have a lot of fun. All the rooms are expertly furnished for that luxury hotel feel, but you get the fun of more inviting living spaces inside and out.

3. Facilities for entertainment and dining

Those impressive villas and apartments aren’t just somewhere to rest after a long day exploring Cabo and enjoying the resort. Top 5 Star villas in Cabo mean plenty of opportunities for entertainment and dining. You get to enjoy a self-catered holiday on another level, cooking meals in the lavish kitchens and grilling out on the terrace. You also get a great entertainment system and Wi-Fi for streaming and movie nights.

4. A maid service

One concern families have with self-catering accommodation is the need to do everything yourself – including the clean-up. You don’t want to have to deal with the mess from the night before and all those unmade beds. That’s why there is a maid service at the best resorts to handle all that for you. You can return to a pristine home.

5. A concierge service

This isn’t the only invaluable member of staff helping to make these 5-star resorts so special. Most will also have a concierge on call at reception to help you plan your trip. If you need help figuring out where to dine out in Cabo or how to make a booking for an excursion, they can help you out. They can also make your stay at the resort more stress-free, with easy access to bookings for meals, spa treatments, and more.

6. The dining opportunities

Speaking of booking a great evening meal, you have two options when staying at a Cabo resort. You can either venture into town and get a more authentic local experience by the beach, or stay on-site and have a family meal there. The best resorts will make sure to cater to everyone as best they can. There will be more high-end restaurants as well as places that are more laid-back for the whole family. This range should also mean more than enough places to get a coffee and breakfast before starting the day.

7. The on-site shopping opportunities

Because these resorts offer self-catering villas, you also need the chance to cook your own meals. You can head into Cabo to the markets and stores to get a range of local ingredients. However, the most thoughtful 5-star resorts will have some on-site options too. These small stores close to the villas and apartments are perfect for some of the basic staples, but you can also find some treats. Beyond that, some resorts also have mini-malls with other shopping options. You can find a range of goods for a present for yourself, a fun memento of the trip, or something to take back to friends and family at home.

8. The sports and fitness centers

This is a matter of taste. Many who come to Cabo want to do as little physical activity as possible, and that’s understandable. However, others will want to keep up with their fitness regimes and enjoy some competitive fun. On-site gyms and fitness facilities make it easy to get a workout in before starting the day. There may also be some sports facilities other than the pool, such as tennis and pickleball courts.

9. The entertainment facilities

At the end of a long day, enjoying the resort and the activities on offer in Cabo, you’re going to want a chance to relax and make the most of the evenings. Families can enjoy the entertainment provided by the resort’s team or spend the evening at an on-site arcade or games room. Adults can make the most of the night by enjoying some time at one of the resort’s bars. There are plenty of amazing places to drink by the beach, but sometimes you want something as close to your front door as possible.

10. The business center

Finally, there is a factor that some guests and resort owners overlook. The best 5 star resorts in Cabo San Lucas should also cater to those who can’t stay out of the office 24/7. You might be there on vacation with friends and family, but emails and deadlines are still to be considered. A well-designed business center provides the perfect place to conduct crucial work away from the accommodation. Guests can complete their tasks with the best facilities and then get back to their holiday.


A 5-star vacation in Cabo can have it all if you find a resort with all the right facilities and opportunities. Some companies go out of their way to provide everything guests could want in one area. They are lavish, convenient, and a whole lot of fun. So, take a look at the resorts and the accommodations on offer, check out the facilities to see if they fit your criteria, and book something special!


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