Technologies of the Future Are Here – Everything You Need to Know

Technologies of the Future Are Here

For those who think of themselves as the ‘glass-half-full’ kind of person, the pandemic has brought to your fingertips an awareness of the coolest technology currently available. Applications such as Zoom or HouseParty have piqued everyone’s interest in advancements in technology, and many have been left wondering how many of the new technologies brought to light during the pandemic will impact our lives in the not-too-distant future.  

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest technologies that pushed themselves forward in recent times.


Tapping into our ultimate search for the fountain of youth, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies have created a billion-dollar industry around anti-aging. Recent technology has allowed the creation of anti-aging drugs, known as senolytics. In layman’s terms, these drugs attack senescent cells (cells which alter their own environment and cause inflammation of surrounding tissues, thus accelerating aging).

But while senolytics are potentially great for keeping us looking young, they may have an even greater role to play – to slow the progression of serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Scientists recently tested senolytics on osteoarthritic patients in San Francisco, and they were very encouraged by the results. This is definitely a technology that has the potential to benefit millions of people around the world, especially if it is made affordable to the general public.

Quantum Supremacy

Using a deck of standard cards, the director of IBM Research, Dario Gil, recently explained the concept of quantum computing technology. And while we’re not saying that quantum computing is simple to understand, we still come out with a better understanding from Gil’s explanation of how our knowledge of quantum computing can be implemented in new technologies.

Google’s Sycamore quantum processor reportedly solved a task that would’ve taken a normal computer 10,000 years to complete in 20 seconds flat. As such, the computer giant is claiming that it is the first in the world to achieve quantum supremacy. 

There are still many unanswered questions in this amazing technological sector, but there is no doubt that we can expect to see some incredible developments in the world of medicine, energy and artificial intelligence, thanks to quantum computing.

Blockchain Technology

The incredible growth of online gambling and mobile gambling has led more and more people from around the world to explore this convenient and potentially rewarding form of entertainment. Online casinos can even replace or complement brick-and-mortar casinos, allowing players to discover new games.

However, players want to make sure that their data is always being kept secure and that they can trust the online casino. One way that players pay for their online casino entertainment is by cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Blockchain technology is being used more than ever to protect the customers’ data. In a nutshell, the basic idea of blockchain technology is to decentralize the storage of data so that it cannot be owned, controlled or manipulated by a central entity. Cryptocurrency users get to remain secure and anonymous with this technology, since withdrawals are processed automatically with the human factor taken out of the equation.

Personalized Medicine

Even today, if a person suffers from a rare disease, the chances of finding an affordable treatment are next to nothing. But in recent years, we’ve seen impressive advancements in the field of personalized medicine. In most cases, personalized treatment involves the targeting of the individual’s DNA in order to modify or even erase negative genetic messages.  While personalized medicine won’t completely cure the patient, it will at least make life more bearable, and allow him or her to live a full or comfortable life.  

The concept of personalized medicine, as with anti-aging drugs, sounds exciting in theory, but it leaves us asking questions to which we may not like to hear the answers to. These technologies are hugely expensive and it costs millions to develop and manufacture the products. Because of this, the chances are that most patients will sadly die from their disorders or illnesses, even though the technology exists to cure them. 

Safer Internet

Nobody can argue against the incredible contribution that the internet has made to practically every aspect of our lives in recent decades. But the internet has also brought with it its own problems, including hacking and other safety and security issues.  Recently, however, a potential solution to this problem was introduced by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The solution involves using a quantum network that would guarantee complete security via quantum entanglement. This makes it absolutely impossible for outsiders to hack any private communications on the network. The university expects to connect four cities in the Netherlands using this technology by the end of the year.

As a webmaster, you can contribute to producing a safer internet right now by replacing Google Analytics with Fathom Analytics. Fathom is a simple, light-weight, privacy-first alternative for collecting website statistics without placing cookies on computers and devices used by users viewing your web pages.

With regard to quantum entanglement technology though, it will be a long time until we see the greater internet move in that direction. It would take over a decade to deploy the kind of connections needed to introduce it to the public domain. Yet, there is hope that the use of quantum computing and artificial intelligence may result in faster solutions to all the obstacles facing all these new technologies around us – including in the world of medicine. Most of the technologies we take for granted today were only the figment of the imagination of the craziest scientists as early as 50 years ago. We can only imagine which weird and wonderful technological inventions are waiting for us, just around the corner.


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