Studying at Home – 4 Ways to Avoid Becoming A Couch Potato This Autumn

Studying at Home - 4 Ways to Avoid Becoming A Couch Potato This Autumn

Staying productive and focused on your studies is, without a doubt, easier when you are at school than it is when you’re at home. The reason behind that is there are many distractions at home like the TV, your smartphone and the bed are always far more inviting than your study desk.

Getting distracted by these things doesn’t mean you are that bad a student, as even the most disciplined students have fallen to their allure. To help you stay focused and productive, here are a few things you can try.

Rid your study space of every potential distraction

To become successful at studying at home, you must strive to ensure that you study in a place that will mimic your classroom or a library. You can successfully create a classroom/library-like environment by ensuring that your study space is as far away from your bed and TV as possible.

One of the places you can use as a study space at home is the dining room; some students have opted to set up their desks in their hallways. If these aren’t comfortable enough for you, try studying in the computer room or the study room, if you have these at your home.

Your study space doesn’t have to be bland and boring, though, so you can spice it up with stress balls, colorful lighting and a coffee machine. Be careful of what you add to your study space, as it should be a place that allows you to focus on studying.

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Stick to the schedule you would follow at school/campus

To feel like you are at school/campus, using your time as you would when you are there physically is the way to go. At school, you have to attend your classes/lectures at different times consecutively during the day, so why not create a schedule and allocate subjects to different timeslots?

Following the schedule you use at school might not be easy at first because you won’t be moving around to attend your classes. Over time, just like you eventually get used to your school schedule after the holidays, your study-at-home schedule will start to feel natural if you stick to it.

Another benefit of creating your own schedule is that you can adjust it to suit your study habits as you decide how long your study sessions will be.

Don’t forget to rest

Many students find it hard to adhere to their study schedule because they want to put in work for 10 hours straight a day. No one’s mind or body can function well for extended periods of study so you will get tired after a few hours of working at your desk.

Also, your brain won’t be able to keep as much information as it would if you rested for a bit, making your efforts go down the drain. Taking breaks frequently is important but these breaks must be short because you might lose motivation after resting for too long.

Taking a brief 15-minute break will be great for improving productivity as a student. After all, a rested mind functions far better than a tired mind.

Dress like you are going to school

Are you familiar with that feeling of blissful laziness and comfort that comes with wearing your pajamas? You might be enjoying it right now as you’re reading this, but what do you think of that refreshing feeling you get after a shower and donning proper clothes?

Obviously, you will feel more determined and driven if you’re dressed for the day, so it is an important way to make you ready to study. The process of showering, choosing clothes and brushing your teeth eases your mind, whereas waking up and diving straight into your work will take its toll on you.

In conclusion

Studying at home will be very fruitful if you don’t let anything distract you but that shouldn’t mean overworking yourself or working in a boring environment. Making a schedule that works for you will also help so don’t be afraid to experiment. Feel free to adjust your study sessions for times when you’re most productive. Don’t forget to take care of yourself when studying at home, get out of those pajamas and be the best version of yourself!


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