Staying At A Luxurious Resort – What To Expect

Staying At A Luxurious Resort - What To Expect

One should always spoil themselves every now or then after working so hard. If you manage your finances properly, you will surely be able to enjoy some great experiences. Saving money for a vacation is definitely something to look forward to. You can treat yourself even more by booking yourself a luxury room at a 5-star resort. From packages that include a safari through the wilderness to an overwater resort with Michelin star chefs, different resorts will surprise you with what they offer.

To help you choose the right resort for you, here are some things that you should expect when staying at a luxurious resort. Rate them from the most important to least important to identify which resort you should book your stay at.

The Basics

If you are willing to pay for first-class service, you are surely entitled to get it. When staying at aย luxury hotel, the employees are highly trained to ensure customer satisfaction when offering a personalized service. They will be aware of your preferences, will greet you by your name and will make sure that you enjoy your stay. Moreover, they will make sure to make you feel safe and welcome.ย 

When on holiday you will probably take some valuable clothing and accessories to wear. This is why such resorts will also offer safe and secure storage options for you to use. Nowadays, given the technological advancements, free Wi-Fi is generally offered, if not, the resort does not offer luxury. Although itโ€™s a small thing, most elite resorts will provide their guests with branded items. These include soap, slippers and a bathrobe to be used when in the room, at the spa, or where the guest desires. The quality of such items leaves an impression of the level of luxury that the resort truly offers. This is also including how comfortable the mattress and bedding are. When considered the service side of the resort, it is expected that 24/7 room service is available. To offer a luxury service, the guest must be able to order food whenever they feel like it.

The look and ambience of the resort really make a difference. A luxury resort room would include a separate sitting area and then the sleeping area, or the sleeping area being located in a separate room. Within all the rooms, the furniture must be comfortable and stylish. Moreover, one cannot forget about the entertainment system. The room must be equipped with a good-sized television which is connected with a sound system.

Those resorts that are considered high-end will also offer butler and maid services. These are usually found at the most luxurious and high-end resorts around the world. If you have just booked a stay at one of such resorts, you can benefit from this highly personalized service. For whatever you might want or need, a maid will be there for you.ย 

Last but not least, the location of the resort is vital. You should expect to enjoy mesmerizing views at the resort and especially from your room. This could be of the sea, the city or mountains, depending on the location of the resort.ย 

Restaurant, Casino, Entertainment & Service

Given that it is a resort, other establishments should also be located within the premises. These include a number of different food and beverage outlets, entertainment facilities such as bowling and games room, as well as a casino. Although it is more popular nowadays to gamble at an online casino, you will still find those who prefer the experience of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.

Therefore, to ensure that you will be getting what you expect, simply check with the hotel all the facilities and amenities offered so that you will not be disappointed.

With the hospitality industry being a very competitive market, luxurious resorts need to gain new guests by offering something unique to stand out from other resorts. It does not matter the price that the guest is paying, the important thing is that they are getting the service for what they are paying. Findings show how such guests are more likely to book a more expensive hotel if it offers more value than the cheaper option. Also, it is important to add that although efficient service and a human touch is fundamental in hospitality, technology has started to replace a number of services.

Offering poor service is definitely a dissatisfaction among guests. Therefore, in using technology, the guest experience can be enhanced by helping the employees perform their tasks better and offer more efficient services.ย 

Trending Factors in 2021

Apart from technology, guests are also more aware of the environment around us. Many are making changes in their lifestyle to decrease the impact on the climate. Therefore, many are those that look for an eco-friendly resort. Theย Global Sustainable Tourism Councilย states how 62% of hotel guests consider how the resort impacts the environment before booking. Being an eco-friendly resort will also save the resort a lot of money, for instance from the electric bills.

Lastly, guests look for an emotional connection with the employees. This is why communication and constant guest engagement is of great importance. If one is dissatisfied, it is highly likely that they will not return and will only speak negatively about the particular resort and the experience.

At the end of the day, the term luxury and what it means to you might be different than that of others. Therefore, we can say that it can be perceived differently in the eye of the beholder. There is no clear definition of this term and no set of rules that must be followed by the luxurious resorts. We provided you with some pointers and characteristics that might make a difference to you. Take note of what you consider to be necessary to make you enjoy your stay and feel comfortable. Do not be afraid to ask questions to find out what is offered and what is not. When you are promised what you want, you will know that that is the luxury resort that you should go for.