Some Of The Most Common Commercial Roofing Issues Needing Immediate Attention

Some Of The Most Common Commercial Roofing Issues Needing Immediate Attention

Investing in commercial roofing can be an expensive affair. However, your roofing system may last for an extended period from approximately ten years to almost four decades, depending on the kind of roofing you choose for your commercial property. Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that the roof will be in pristine condition for a long, long time, and they fail to realize the importance of routine maintenance and immediate repair if issues crop up. 

Commercial property owners should understand that roof longevity depends on numerous parameters. The use and abuse of a commercial roof, its maintenance, and care, its design quality & installation, or the weather conditions play a pivotal role in determining the life expectancy of a commercial roof. Indeed, controlling all these parameters may not be feasible, but you can stay alert and keep track of minor problems. Seek immediate assistance from qualified roofers to address these issues promptly before they get out of hand and become costly repairs.

 According to experts at Forbes, roof installation is undoubtedly an expensive project. You may get your roof inspected regularly to spot indications of roof damage and prevent exorbitant repair issues. When experts detect roof damage, you need to understand if spot repairs will suffice or if you need a complete roof reinstallation. Let us explore some commercial roofing issues that you may address at once.

Pooling Water Can Be Dangerous

Several commercial roofs come with a slight slope, and some others are flat. As such, while installing the roof, it is vital to facilitate sufficient or proper drainage. Often due to poor or careless installation, these roofs may encounter issues like standing water and clogged drains. This issue can become a headache during inclement weather conditions like heavy wind, rainstorms, blizzards, or snowstorms. 

Leaks in Roofs Can Be Hazardous

Roof leaks are a significant problem in commercial buildings. They can occur due to damaged or deteriorated roofing materials, poor installation, or clogged drainage systems. Leaks can lead to wet insulation, water damage, mold growth, and structural issues or deterioration if not addressed promptly. Contact Southern Roofing Systems of Mobile for prompt and perfect commercial roofing solutions.

Roof Membrane Damage Need Immediate Attention

The roof membrane, typically made of materials like EPDM, TPO, or PVC, can get damaged over time. Factors such as UV exposure, thermal expansion and contraction, foot traffic, and extreme weather conditions can lead to cracks, blisters, or membrane shrinkage, compromising the integrity of the roof.

Roofing Material Deterioration Can Be Harmful

Over time, roofing materials can deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, temperature changes, and other environmental factors. This can lead to the loss of protective coatings, brittleness, curling or blistering of shingles, and overall reduced performance of the roof.

Poor or Sub-standard Workmanship Can Be Immensely Damaging

If the commercial roof was not installed correctly or the workmanship was subpar, it can result in various problems. Improper installation of roofing materials, inadequate insulation, or improper sealing can lead to leaks, poor energy efficiency, and premature roof failure.

Conclusion: How to Tackle Commercial Roof Problems

The most effective way of tackling the above-discussed commercial roof problems is to concentrate on prevention. It is best to identify a problem, at the earliest and nip it in the bud. If you neglect an issue, it can become a huge problem and may cause immense damage. Go for routine inspections. Rely on certified and experienced roofers.



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