Six Rules To Live A Stress-Free Life

Six Rules To Live A Stress-Free Life

If you are looking for habits to de-stress your life, you are here at the right place. Whether it is work, school, or our social life, the clutter we deal with can make it tough and challenging for us to achieve the perfect balance, which is why many of us feel stressed out.

Here are six habits that you can adopt to help you live a much more simple yet intentional life without struggling from stress.

Change Your Mindset

Have you ever sat down and assessed your essential mindset? Is it positive or negative? If you want to de-stress your life, you ought to change your mindset in a way that if you deal with something very stressful, but there is nothing that you could actually do to improve the situation, imagine yourself putting the situation into a bubble and blowing it away.

Suppose you really visualize yourself taking that stressful situation, putting it inside a bubble, and blowing it away. In that case, the problem becomes something that you don’t have to deal with anymore since the wind carried it away from you. Upfront, this idea might seem a tad bit silly; but, it all comes down to your mindset and the strength of your visualization skills.

This kind of mindset will also help you realize that things are no longer in your control after a certain level or point, and letting go of the situation is always better than hanging onto it until you get worn out.

That said, if there are challenging things that you are dealing with, “blowing them away” and changing your mindset could be a better option.

Remove Clutter

The second de-stress habit of living by is to clear the clutter in your immediate environment. Perhaps, you have come across the saying that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. That said, if you have loads of physical clutter in your space, it can lead you to feel stressed out.

So, look around and see if there are any surfaces or physical spaces that you could tidy up and keep clean, aim for it, as it will lead to more peace of mind. Now, if you find that you have loads of decluttering to do, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush into decluttering every single spot or surface.

We recommend starting with some easier surfaces, such as your dining table or your workstation. Your focus should be on gradually removing the clutter and opening the spaces up, so the spaces are free of clutter and very peaceful to look at.

Learn to Unplug

It is no secret: many of us live very digital lives or very socially connected lives over the internet. While it doesn’t have to be anything drastic, taking some moments to unplug can really help you de-stress and relax your mind.

If you are like most people, there is a great likelihood that you might be spending more than ten hours daily on your tech gadgets. And if you consciously think about it, you realize that this is a lot of time spent plugged in, and it can impact your mental health and cause stress.

That said, make sure to take mindful breaks during which you aren’t connected to any device. During those breaks, all you need to do is to try to live in the moment. This will definitely help in keeping your stress levels low.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to overspend on shampoos and soaps and indulge in fancy spa products. But, the underlying tip is to really have a mindful experience while showering or taking a bath and using your everyday products.

While taking care of your hygiene, try to be in the moment instead of allowing your mind to race all over different places.

Did you know that good hygiene isn’t limited to taking regular showers alone, but it also includes good sleeping hygiene? Taking care of your sleeping and waking up routine is essential for self-care and intentional living.

Many people only use the alarm for waking up; however, it might be a good idea to use an alarm for bedtime as well. If you want to upgrade your bedroom and enhance your sleep quality, you might want to check out different bed sizes. Also, make sure that your bed is cozy and fresh.

Nourish Your Body

Another way to help prevent stress is by nourishing your body the right way. Of course, there is a variety of food available in the markets and many different ways of consuming food, but the key is to find the right diet and food options that genuinely feel good to you.

The objective should be to nourish your body, even if the food doesn’t feel perfect on your taste buds. This also includes liquid, like staying hydrated by consuming enough water and minimizing caffeine, carbs, and sugar.

Always aim for wholesome meals and snacks as these will make you feel more in control, and you will have fewer guilty trips about having consumed fatty foods, sweets, or processed food.

Always Focus on the Bigger Picture

Whenever you deal with a particularly stressful situation, ask yourself whether, in the bigger scheme of things or, a couple of decades down the road, this experience will actually matter. Ask yourself whether the matter is something about life and death.

The moment you start assessing and questioning the stress-causing factor from the “bigger picture” perspective, you will realize that many of your everyday stressors don’t actually matter. Much of our daily stress is short-term, such as a deadline, an assignment, or a breakup.

Life will likely go on, and it will all work out eventually. We, humans, are wired in a special way so that we keep adapting and evolving, which is why we tend to learn and grow from our experiences. And with the right perspective and a positive mindset, we can make it through the challenges.

Sometimes, focusing on the big picture and scheme of life can help us get through difficult life moments.