Raised Bars For Online Casino Standards

Raised Bars For Online Casino Standards

We have already covered what to keep in mind when you are looking for an online casino to gamble in. The pastime can be a great hobby, as long as you make sure you are using a reputable provider with great service and fun games. But what exactly are the factors that make an online casino’s offer better than that of others?

Peer Review for Online Casinos

Online communities help us find good online casinos. By using their expertise and user reviews, we can weed out the online gambling providers with bad service or scams. But there is more to it than separating the casinos you can use safely and the ones you should not trust.

There are many different factors that play a part in how enjoyable the experience of using an online casino is. For example, Bet365 is listed in Casinomeister’s Accredited section. While the online gambling community posts many reviews and user experiences, the casinos marked as Accredited have passed more difficult examinations.

Different Benchmarks

The first rule of gambling online is to use an online casino with a license. They are regulated by gambling authorities who guarantee that the base safety and quality standards are met. The games are fair, the providers passed a background check, and personal and financial data is safe to use for accounts and transactions. 

There are different countries that offer licenses. Typically, they adhere to the local gambling laws. That is why some of them are stricter than others. So, within this context, the requirement for a good online casino evolves from ‘A casino with a license’ to ‘A licensed casino with your preferred traits’. Gambling communities like the aforementioned website Casinomeister write reviews on these casinos and share their findings for free. 

Their reviews use a point system based on:

  • Software
  • Jurisdiction
  • Reverse Time
  • Cash-out Time
  • Withdrawal Limits
  • Responsiveness to Complaints

Using their information, you can find out what a specific casino has to offer in the matching category. However, with their accredited section, they have created a selection of casinos that have passed an even higher bar. Only the online casinos that have earned the Accredited badge are allowed to advertise on the website. Therefore, they need to be the casinos with the best service.

To earn the badge, casinos that are younger than two years need to pass a trial period of 120 days. Casinos that have been active for two years reduce this trial by fire to 60 days. In this time, the members of the Casinomeistercommunity test and review the casino. Combined with this peer review, the casino provider needs to fulfill a list of conditions the website has split into four categories:

  • Industry and Player Assurance: Casinos with less strict licenses cannot apply. The Casino needs to have an active representative on the Casinomeister website who reacts to player complaints and can move solutions along on the casino site.
  • Marketing: Casinos are not allowed to use unclear or misleading advertisement. Spam of any kind on any channel is forbidden. Affiliate marketing needs to be marked clearly.
  • Operational Standards: Any kind of behavior that can be considered unfair towards players is forbidden. This includes practices like banning players without a specific reasoning within the terms and conditions. The casino needs to use an in-house customer support. Ownership information needs to be detailed enough to identify sister sites and services.
  • Player Focus: Good player focus is represented by fast and satisfying customer support and a focus on responsible gambling. The site needs to enforce gambling addiction prevention tools like spending limits, age restrictions, and helpful information.

Reasons for Rejection

The main difference between the Accreditation Seal and a casino license is that licenses ensure general safety and quality, while the Casinomeister selection focuses much more on the player experience. Players should have an all-around positive time gambling. That includes a proven history of fairness towards the player. Customer support and addiction prevention are the main tools to reach this requirement. The other categories can factor into this as well.

Bad advertising practices are one major reason for rejection. In this example, the casino provider had to remove Google Ads that were shown on the result page when a user googled how to limit their unhealthy gambling habit. Another reason that will keep casinos from earning an Accreditation Seal is the usage of unclear terms and conditions for their bonus offers. These often advertise great benefits for the user in their marketing banners, while hiding the exact requirements in the fine print.

Reasons for the Accreditation Seal

A community like Casinomeister is obviously based on a love for gambling. Therefore, it is in their interest to clearly separate reputable from dodgy operations. Their reviews allow users to find online casinos where they have a great experience, which in turn shines a better light on online gambling as a whole.

Putting an additional spotlight on the great casinos, that put in the extra work to separate themselves from their competition by offering the best service, pushes other providers to reach the same standards to keep up.


Beginners that look for online casinos aim for websites that are reputable. The main worry with gambling beginners is being scammed. By looking at casinos with a gambling license, users can alleviate most of their fears. Licensed casinos offer a good service with fair games and safety standards. Even within these, some casinos go above and beyond to offer the best service. Their casinos put the biggest focus on the player. Their operations, games, and ethics are fair and allow responsible gambling.

Casinos that use misleading advertisements in any way or are unclear when restricting players belong to the lower quality of good casinos. The best online gambling providers are transparent, push responsible gambling and put their players first. Badges like the Accreditation Seal help us vet through a large number of available offers and find the casinos with the best history of fairness towards their players.