PC Games For Real Estate Fanatics

PC Games For Real Estate Fanatics

It can feel a little difficult to get your first foot on the housing ladder, which for some might be disheartening and, for others, will spur them on even harder. If you’re desperate to make your real estate dreams come true, then starting off with an online game that puts you as the property owner might not be a bad idea. Some of these games focus on the drama of high-level estate agents whilst others focus on enabling you to create the house of your dreams. Whatever sounds more appealing to you, we’ve got a PC game that will help you to make all of your gaming and real estate fantasies a reality.

For High-End Customers

Wanting to design and create your dream home is something that many games have attempted to give to their players, but few have succeeded at. One series of games that succeeds time and time again is The Sims. This old favourite from Electronic Arts has put out four base games and countless expansions, enabling you to turn all of your property dreams into reality. Whether you want a gothic-style mansion, a super luxury modern apartment, or a pink palace fit for a princess, The Sims enables you to create that. With thousands of options for flooring, wall coverings, garden items, and more furniture than anyone could make their way through, this house is the ultimate for those who want to decorate day in, day out. If you’re a creative gamer with plenty of time in your schedule, then you should make a beeline for this game. Of course, the Sims isn’t the only game out there that high-end interior designers will enjoy.

Prime Property puts you into the luxury end of the real estate game, giving you a big old budget and asking you to find a house that suits you. Designed by world-renowned developer Microgaming, Prime Property takes the form of a non-progressive slot game and boasts all of the features that you’d expect. There are lots of different casinos which offer the Prime Property slot game, so if you’re struggling to choose, then reading a review can be a good way to differentiate. Arabian Betting have created an exhaustive list of casinos that offer gaming slots with competitive bonuses, which are highly rated by their users. If you’re interested in finding out what they have to say, then take a quick look at the website could help you to find the casino that’s right for you. Once you’re signed up, you can get straight to Prime Property, a great real estate-themed game by Microgaming. 

For Wannabe Real Estate Moguls

There are an increasing number of games on the market that are targeted toward those who see themselves creating a career out of property development, at least in the gaming world anyway. House Flipper is the first of those that we’re going to talk about. This base game has got a handful of great expansion packs, including Garden Flipper, that enable you to turn dilapidated yards into glorious gardens. There’s also a pet expansion, which, as the name suggests, brings cute and cuddly animals to your housing projects. The base game puts you in charge of a small real estate business. Initially, you’ll be cleaning up grubby houses for clients, painting walls for the arrival of a new baby, or fixing radiators that just won’t stop leaking. Once you’ve gathered enough cash from your odd jobs business, you can make your first steps into purchasing property. There’s a whole long list of clients who want to buy from you, but each of them has their own specific wants and needs. Try to satisfy each client, and there’ll be plenty of money to be made.

The Tenants is another game that takes this idea but pushes it in a different direction. Whilst in House Flipper, you’re buying and selling to make lump sums, in The Tenants, you’re buying and renting. This poses a whole different set of challenges. You’ll still need to clear out the mess of previous tenants, spruce up apartments, and generally get pretty good at renovating. However, on top of this, you’ll also need to vet your potential tenants, make sure that they’re not going to host loud parties or get into arguments with the neighbours, and also, you’ll need them to pay their rent on time! This game is a fun insight into what it might be like to be a landlord, and although it’s only in early access mode on Steam, it’s already great fun, so we can’t wait to see what the full version has in store.