The Most Fashionable Indoor Plants of 2021

The Most Fashionable Indoor Plants of 2021

On the eve of spring, there is usually a desire not only to revise your rules of life, wardrobe, betting strategies at, but also to buy new flowers and houseplants to revive the interior. Here are the top favorites for 2021. Spoiler alert: Ferns and begonias are back!

What Are The Trends?

No matter how many stylish bouquets, bohemian compositions of dried flowers, and wreaths of dried herbs are published on the pages of fashion magazines, for the most part, consumers remain loyal to the classics. Among cut flowers, as sociological studies show, the main favorites of 2021 are still roses and tulips, and among indoor plants, those that do not require special care are at the peak of popularity. Introducing the top 4 most fashionable indoor plants of 2021.

“Grandma’s” Flowers Are Back in Fashion

“Grandma’s” flowers like begonias are on the rise again. More bright colors in the interior – this trend largely determines the increased popularity of the good old begonias, which exist in more than 1000 species. You can combine them to create vibrant color compositions on your windowsill.

The Green Fern Returns

Large trees and plants are still popular in our interiors. But the fig tree and the monstera, the undisputed favorites of last year, are clearly inferior to the ficus and ferns this year. With the latter, there is now a real boom, which is not surprising. Ferns not only delight the eye with their fluffy green crown in winter and summer but are also a kind of indicator of the purity and humidity of the air. If the plant withers and withers, then you should attend to and buy a moisturizer.

Compositions of Succulents

Compositions of small plants are also popular in contrast to large plants. These can be simply picturesque groups made up of cacti of different types and sizes. They can be used to decorate an office desk or shelf, replacing plant collections with the traditional collection of souvenirs and knickknacks from flea markets.

Plants That Purify the Air

The growing amount of information about the impact of green plants on human health is helping to promote species that effectively purify the air. This, for example, spathiphyllum, mother-in-law’s tongue, and Benjamin’s ficus – all of them are home “vacuum cleaners” that filter the air and improve the microclimate.