The Most Expensive Poker Sets of All Time

The Most Expensive Poker Sets of All Time

One of the card games that is most played across the globe is poker. The game involves a combination of skills, fun, and strategy. At almost every gathering, one person comes with a deck of cards and one or two games must be played before day break. Since the arrival of poker, people of different statuses and means have always loved and played it. 

Poker is just one of the many games you’ll find at both land-based and online casinos and fans of the game will often host poker nights at their home. There are advantages and disadvantages for all of the aforementioned scenarios, playing at a casino means you’re in the thick of it – playing the game in its purest form. Playing from home means you can play at your own pace and many sites typically have bonuses for you to claim. A new no deposit casino will have an offer available which doesn’t require you to make a deposit, which is one of the best ways to begin playing.

While many people take to the game due to the fun and pleasure, some have taken it to the next level by making it their source of income as technology advances and online poker was brought into the mix.

With the touch of a button, this can be played from anywhere in the world. Many high rollers that revel in various digital games love to enjoy online poker with different bonus codes from the most generous casinos. Here, you can have games like the Chinese poker, razz poker and Texas Hold’em poker. Now, the fact that there are numerous variants of poker games out there makes players use the term ‘sets’ to differentiate them. The ‘sets’ come with names, colors, styles, and prices that differentiate them.

Exclusive high end sets captivate the top gamblers more and prompt them into making some of the best collections the world can offer. Below are some of the top sets for high end players.

Cartier’s Bold Poker Set

When you come into a gaming arena with this $10,000 worth poker set from Cartier, you will immediately become the cynosure of all eyes. Whether you like it or not, Louis-François Cartier who was known for high end jewelry design also designed poker sets. These editions are very limited and they were designed for just a small number, so that only the elites can have them. In the Cartier bold poker set kit, you will have 360 chips in five different colors. There are also two card decks in it, and five different dark red dice with gold coatings beautifully organised in a very smart briefcase.

Buckingham Poker Box – Lancelot Lancaster White 

This set that is worth up to $28,000 will turn heads when you walk into a poker arena with it. This is simply an artwork that embodies craftsmanship and creativity. These 20 hand crafted black colored poker boxes were designed by Linz Davis, and they come in a rose gold of 18-carat quality and brass fittings. To customize the box easily, a provision is made for you to be able to inscribe your name or any feasible inscription you choose. Here, you will experience exclusivity in its fullness. You don’t just get a high value set, you also have the chance to inscribe what you choose on it.

Vintage Cartier Poker Set

Here, we have another work of art that was designed by Mr. Cartier. This is designed with chips that involve some special type of plastic that you cannot find easily. This has the original Cartier design, and people treasure it because of that. It involves a case that is valued at $30,000 because it is very rare, and cannot be found easily in the market. This is only possessed by the chosen few.

The Meteorite Poker Set

The value of the meteorite poker set is put at $150,000. It involves 120 chips, a complete set of cards and five ivory dice. This was designed exclusively for the set by the Swedish jeweler named Stahl. Everything involved in the collection is designed with 18-carat gold and covered with lots of precious metals like sapphires, diamonds and rubies. The dice is made of the Swedish woolly mammoth bone. The external angle of the case is designed by smoothly polished leather, while the interior is designed with very delicate reindeer calf skin. The crown jewels of the set are the chips, and they are among the materials that make the set very costly – the chips are made of 800,000 years old iron meteorite.

Geoffrey Parker Poker Set

This is the costliest set here, and it is sold for $7.5 million. The poker chips are designed with 18 carat white gold and encrusted with diamonds. The cover is made of alligator hide, with a white gold lock that is beautified with diamonds. Perhaps, the most impressive thing about the set is that it has 384 color coded chips, which coordinates precious gems like black for the black chips, white gold for white, emeralds for the green, sapphires for the blue chips, and rubies for red chips. As if that is not classy enough, the four decks of playing cards have platinum finishing. If someone wishes to buy the set, the person must place an order a year before and make the payment upfront, before the firm will manufacture the set for them.