Miles, Tokens, and Reservations – Cryptocurrency and Travel

Miles, Tokens, and Reservations - Cryptocurrency and Travel

If you’re here today then it’s because you’ve already heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This new technology is disrupting several industries, and that includes the travel industry. With the problems created by COVID-19, it’s become more important than ever before.

In this article, we are going to show you how it’s contributing to re-activating the travel industry, and how it’s going to make it even better. Furthermore, this will let you discover excellent investment opportunities so you can purchase bitcoin and exchange them for these promising tokens.

Cryptocurrencies and Travel – An Overview

By using blockchain technology, it’s possible to do the following:

  • Keep track of travel records in a simple and incorruptible way. In fact, IATA is already using blockchain tech to keep its consumers in control of their data.
  • Log and register miles with extreme accuracy, so you can later claim promotions or discounts.
  • Log and visualize reservations without problems – no more problems since the data in the blockchain are incorruptible and you can check it with your private key.
  • Get access to promotions based on your travel activity.
  • Check if a traveller has been vaccinated according to the regulations of the country.
  • Allow hotels and travel companies to log, process, and treat data in an advanced way to understand how their customers travel and behave.
  • Revolutionize the way that travel companies advertise online.

As you can see, blockchain tech has the potential to improve the way we do things in the travel industry. Basically, it can disrupt the way things function. It will give companies exactly what they need to grow, even in such a competitive panorama.

Below, you will find the best blockchain projects from all cryptocurrencies in the travel industry. You will learn how they are actually helping companies in the industry and the reasons why they are necessary.

What are the hottest blockchain projects for the travel industry?

If you are looking for companies that are already having an impact in the travel industry, here you have three of the most important picks right now. Be it for investment purposes or for the sake of knowing more, here you have them.

Winding Tree (LIF)

Winding Tree is aiming to disrupt the way that hotel bookings and reservations work. According to them, it’s a monopoly handled by a handful of big players and this has to stop, to give the smaller players a real shot at profiting from this sector of the industry. Be it Expedia or Priceline, it’s going to change the way they work.

By using their decentralized platform, they aim to make it possible for travellers to directly connect with hotels, airlines, tour companies, travel insurance companies, etc. Furthermore, they also allow travel agencies to find direct suppliers.


As we said before, blockchain tech can be used to give rewards to travelers based on their travel activity. This is exactly what Sandblock does, it gives travel companies an opportunity to offer rewards to their consumers easily. This way, they can customize the way they bring incentives and rewards to their clients, to keep them coming for more.

Sandblock, when fully deployed, will play a huge role in the way travel companies engage and retain their clients. In such a competitive industry, using this tool smartly will bring these companies a competitive edge. 


KrisPay is already being used by airlines in Singapore, and it allows them to process payments easily. Furthermore, it allows travellers to convert their points that they earn when using KrisPay into discounts and exclusive benefits.

The use of these wallets and payment systems will only keep growing. People need an easy way to pay for services and products in the travel industry, and KrisPay makes it possible.

What is the real impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the travel industry?

Simply put, blockchain tech is necessary for the travel industry because it will allow them to process information in a much faster, smarter, and safer way. As we have seen before, it has several uses and many companies are already taking advance of the benefits.

The travel industry needs it more than ever before due to COVID-19, in order to reactivate it and help all the companies in the ecosystem to grow again.


Now that you know about these projects and how blockchain tech is helping the travel industry, are you going to invest in such tokens? Let us know in the comments what you think. If you know of any other token or coin that solves problems in the travel industry, let us know too!

We hope to see more about these projects in the future, because travel is evolving and with the help of blockchain tech, we expect it to evolve at a much faster pace in favour of companies and consumers.