List Of Literature To Help You Start Writing Today

List Of Literature To Help You Start Writing Today

Writing has enriched my life in ways I could never have anticipated. It has helped me become a greater person and friend, and it has even aided my ability to support myself through hardships and my family. Writing is an incredible art that should be explored by everyone. In this article, we’ll look beyond the reasons for becoming a writer, discover the most important books that you should be studying, and sketch out the steps you should take in order to start writing.

Why Should I Become a Writer? 5 Important Reasons

1. Become a writer to get to know yourself 

Sure, being a successful, published writer would be fantastic, but the reality is that sharing stories is rewarding in and of itself. Humans are born with a need to tell stories. We basically live through the stories we hear and tell. There aren’t many occupations I’d rather have than telling stories all the time. How about you?

2. Making people feel themselves

In our rapidly-changing society, writers highlight the pauses and subtleties of life that we miss. Writers provide people with a window into their own life experiences and assist them in living better lives.

3. Earning money from your passion

It’s not easy to make a living writing, but the joy of recognizing that your passion has supplied for you and your household is priceless. The first time you’ll get paid for your writing work will be unforgettable. You are finally being compensated for something you love and add to society.

4. Experience everything more deeply

Writing can help you immerse yourself in the present moment. It can assist you in appreciating people and understanding why they act the way they do. If you want to write properly, you’ll have to feel life more thoroughly while you write. For young writers, this can be difficult, so writing should be taken as a learning curve ability. So, if you’re looking for a writer tool to help you write your school paper, you should check out This useful site is highly resourceful for students who want to improve their writing and grasp essay writing from more experienced writers. This could be your first step into the writing world, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

5. Bringing meaning into this world

If you’ve been part of the Western culture for a while now, you know that the idea of “nothing really matters” is predominant. Pursuing trivial pleasures becomes the norm and we forget why we’re even born. We stop figuring out our purpose, the reason we were brought into this world. 

Writing can help you with that. You’ll learn to look for significance everywhere – this is what happens when you become the observer of life and you’re no longer caught up in immediate gratification. Writing will help you realize how meaningful life actually is and it will give you the necessary tools to share that with the world.

List of Books to Start Reading Today

Here are some books you should be looking at if you want to start writing. 

  • 4 Tips for Breaking the Seal by Andy Weir. This will teach you that starting is the first step in the right direction. As long as you procrastinate, you won’t get anywhere in life.
  • Opening a Story the Right Way by Charles Baxter. This book will help you realize that taking small steps into the right direction will keep you on your road to success.
  • The Dreaded First Page by Brad Taylor. This one will help you overcome writer’s block. It will also pose an existential writer’s question, which is, “why should your reader continue reading your story?”
  • Allow Yourself to Write Badly by P.J. Brackston. This is to get you started and to motivate you to do it. It helps you deal with perfectionism. 
  • Do the Opposite by Brock Clarke. This book offers you advice on how to write the story you truly want – and many times, that can only be accomplished by “doing the opposite” of what your instinct tells you to do. An interesting read.

How Should I Start Writing?

You should start by doing it – that’s the answer. Start by writing something today, anything. It could be your experience watching your coworkers typing or your experience watching your kids run up to hug you. After you’re done, post your results (how did it make you feel?) in the comment section. This could help other writers, too. Be bold enough to start today. Because if not today, then when?


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