The Lavish Lifestyle of Casino High Rollers

The Lavish Lifestyle of Casino High Rollers

Casinos love all gamblers but they definitely roll out the red carpet and show special love to high rollers as they have a much bigger bankroll than the average player, take incredibly high risks, and place huge bets on the games. 

Most high rollers are professional gamblers who know how to use strategies to make a profit, but some are wealthy businessmen who donโ€™t care how much they lose. They just want to have a fun time at the casino and can often blow over a million dollars in just one night. 

We hear stories of high stake gamblers who are not impacted by these losses which might seem massive to the regular player. Casinos are happy to entertain these high rollers as the house keeps making a lot of money every time they play.

Brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide pamper high rollers with free drinks, dinners, and accommodation, credit lines, free tickets to concerts, and discounted offers, to mention just a few. Even online casinos have their own ways of rewarding VIP players. As a high roller, be it online or off, you can expect the best of everything. High rollers are comped special bonuses, can play on credit and gamble higher stakes.

Although all players become members of their online casino’s VIP Club on sign up, only high rollers succeed in achieving the highest levels of the loyalty ladder and earning the biggest rewards. This is because of the enormous deposits they make and the high wagers they place on the online casino games. 

Online casinos reward their VIP players with bigger deposit bonuses, extra loyalty points, faster withdrawals, priority customer support, dedicated casino hosts, entries to exclusive promotions and tournaments, tickets to sports events and casino events, luxury vacation packages, and surprise gifts. 

Here are some of the ways land-based casinos pamper their high rollers: 

  • Access to private jets belonging to the casinos
  • Exclusive hotel-casino suites 
  • Limousine services
  • Extended credit to enable high rollers to continue playing
  • Rebate or cashback on losses incurred while gambling 
  • Higher table limits 
  • Access to exclusive VIP rooms and private pits
  • Exemptions from casino rules and regulations 
  • Plenty of freebies 
  • Dedicated casino hosts

So let us take a look at some of these high rollers and find out how exactly they live?  

Robert Gorodetsky 

Robert Gorodetsky is the perfect definition of a Las Vegas high roller. Widely known as “Big Rob,” he wagers millions of dollars on sports events frequently. Celebrities and high net worth individuals (HNWIs) flock to him for betting advice. Gambling is Robโ€™s lifestyle, and winning and losing in millions is something that happens to him regularly. He focuses on sports events but also plays roulette and blackjack games with friends.

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If you visit his Instagram account, you will notice that he loves posting his photos with beautiful women, celebrities, and athletes. His social media posts reflect his love for playing games of chance with celebrities and maintaining relationships with professional athletes. Rob lives in a luxury suite at the Aria Resort & Casino and considers its high-limit lounge to be his unofficial office.

Paul Phua 

Wei Seng Paul Phua is a professional poker player, operator of VIP junkets, and businessman. Widely acclaimed as the worldโ€™s biggest bookie and a gambling legend in Asia, Phua was passionate about sports right from his childhood.

However, he started playing professional poker only when he was in his forties. He learned the game from well-known poker pros such as Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, and Chau Giang. In 2016, he launched Paul Phua Poker, a poker strategy site aiming to educate and inform poker players. 

Phua has won more than $19 million playing live poker tournaments. He is believed to be worth around $400 million. Phua lives in lavish accommodation, travels first class and by private jets and enjoys his money.

Dan Bilzerian 

Dan Bilzerian is a businessman, Instagram King, poker pro, and actor well-known for his extravagant and controversial lifestyle. He is noted, admired, and criticized for his regular Instagram posts about his lavish lifestyle. 

Bilzerian is embroiled in more controversies than any other professional poker player. There are rumours that he may be heading towards a great fall as his company Ignite is running under a huge loss. Bilzerian also stands accused of using investor funds to maintain his lavish lifestyle. 

Bilzerian has houses in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hollywood Hills, and California. His current net worth is $200 million and his major source of income is believed to be high-stakes poker. He loves to parade around the world in shorts and with a bunch of scantily clad women.

Red Carpet Treatment for High Rollers

High rollers get the red-carpet treatment at casinos. They enjoy the services of casino hosts who manage their itineraries and ensure that they get the best possible experience, including benefits such as free meals, events, spa experiences, and shows. 

In fact, the VIP treatment begins from the moment the high roller’s flight lands. The hotel-casino sends chauffeured cars to pick them up at the airport and assigns them luxury suites meant exclusively for high rollers, some of who spend months in these suites. 

Casinos go out of their way to make their high rollers comfortable, providing them the finest dining experiences, spa amenities, bottles of rare wine, free gifts, and other benefits. They also arrange private shoppers for high rollers who cannot do their shopping as they are too busy playing. 

If you are a high roller, you just have to contact your casino host whenever you want something. Your casino host will arrange everything for you, leaving you free to wager millions of dollars on the casino games.