Kitchen Remodeling During the Pandemic

Kitchen Remodeling During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has undoubtedly flipped the world upside down. But kitchen remodeling during the pandemic? It’s going strong. With everyone stuck in their houses, home improvement projects have been steadily increasing during the lockdowns that we are under. Technology, meanwhile, has shifted to make kitchen remodeling more convenient and efficient than ever.

More Demand for Remodels

Kitchen remodeling is booming. With a 40% jump in new kitchen projects compared to a year ago, people are maximizing their home lives, inside and out. While some are opting for full remodels, others are upgrading their cabinets and appliances.

More and more people are eating most meals at home, with family gatherings – often in the kitchen – the only game in town. This focus on improving living spaces, along with an increase in home equity-rich owners across the country, has fueled the boom in home improvement. 

Contractors and Suppliers Are Still Working

Contractors, construction firms, and design companies are keeping up, too. They have adapted to the changes that Coronavirus has forced, opening up possibilities for homeowners to fulfill their remodeling dreams.

Many estimates happen virtually today, as homeowners send in pictures or video feeds of their space they want to renovate. Contractors and design firms can send virtual catalogues with high-definition photos of available products.

The vast majority of contractors have established clear precautions to work safely in people’s homes. Some of these safety measures include wearing masks, creating walled areas in the house made of plastic, and sanitizing regularly. Much more of the preliminary consultation and conversations occur over videoconference now, as both homeowners and contractors realize they can accomplish a lot via Zoom.

Online Shopping is Easier than Ever

Consumers can easily find kitchen-specific products for their remodeling needs online. Many high-quality cabinets, for example, are simple to shop for and order, such as the ones you can find at Walcraft Cabinetry ( With shipping so prevalent and seamless in our world today, it is convenient for suppliers and carpenters to send out the perfect cabinets for any kitchen.

Many online retailers have expanded their product offerings while refining and perfecting the quality of their cabinetry. Meanwhile, the technology behind retail websites has improved drastically, leading to smooth transactions and experiences shopping online.

Some Challenges Remain

Even with a relatively painless transition throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, kitchen remodeling can still run into hiccups. Before, a contractor could secure supplies more readily and complete projects quicker. Many items are backlogged and some remodels take longer than in the past, and slowdowns in production have led to higher prices for certain jobs.

What’s Next?

No one is certain when the Coronavirus pandemic will end and when things will go back to normal. However, it seems safe to say that certain ways of interacting during remodeling projects are here to stay. Things like virtual meetings, estimates via video conference, and safety precautions like hand sanitizer and possibly masks may stick after restrictions are lifted.

Many people view this time that we are going through as ideal to start the kitchen remodeling project they have been dreaming of. With contractors continuing to work and online cabinets readily available, now may be the moment for your remodel.